Friday, December 16, 2011

Extreme Cosmetic Surgery...

I think St. Teresa of Avila was friends with her - oh wait - maybe that was an ancestor.


  1. haha, love your comment!

  2. I know I'm being tetchy here, but why not get a blonde wig too? All that work on the face, yet leaving the hair natural? It doesn't add up to me.

  3. Terry, what would St. Teresa of Avila
    say about the plastic surgery of the present Duchess of Alba? (ans. Ay Que Horror?) LOL!

  4. Are you certain plastic surgery?

    Maybe she is just butt ugly.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Maybe she is liked because she has a beautiful soul.

    We have a really ugly news girl here, but I met her once, and she is terrific.

    When you see her soul, the physical looks don't matter.

    She is a sweetie, and I like having met her.

    Maybe the Duchess is a nice girl?

    It is rumored she reads a certain Minnesota blog.


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  6. It is cosmetic surgery - when she was young she was very beautiful. She seems to have a lot of fun in spite of her looks.

    Someone commented about the hair - I agree, I have no idea why she wouldn't have a better hair style - with a little color - at least go blond like all old lady celebrities do.

    Fr. Gary - I was doing a search on what St. Teresa would have said since she wrote about the vanity of the women of her time. I couldn't find it last night.

  7. Oh wait! It's her 'Poodle-cut'.

  8. Loved the pic of her dancing at her recent wedding. It looked like the Elaine Benes Dance.

    I would LOVE to split about 3 bottles of champagne with her and turn on some tunes and see what happens.

  9. Cathy so would I! She did look like Elaine dancing!

  10. bless her heart. i bet she's a ton of fun.


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