Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas displays of devotion... err, emotion.

That 'miss'.

It is probably just me, but I think a couple of displays being twittered about online just don't make it - they miss.  The intentions are good - the execution poor and misleading...

"Rejoice, Bride of God..."*

The image of "Mary" checking her pregnancy test - looking distressed.  Somehow religious people are touting a contemporary notion that Our Lady was like today's unwed mother, that her pregnancy was unplanned, that she would have been anxious about it - that she would possibly fear the consequences.  These are religious people imagining this stuff.  I can understand non-religious people, or Protestants and other non-Catholics thinking that - but Roman Catholics?  No.  No.  No.  The notion is ignorant of Catholic teaching on the Immaculate Conception, the Incarnation, the Virgin Birth and so on.  The ad campaign promotes bad Mariology, bad theology, and sentimentalism.  To find out what I'm talking about, go to: Mary's pregnancy test.

Eucharistic flashmob in California.

Occupy this, flash mob that.  I get it - but I think it's lame.  I actually commented on the original article writing something like:  "Big eye roll.  How hip.  It was orchestrated badly and executed poorly.  The priests were in albs and stole - the monstrance was carried in a suitcase.  They coulda/shoulda at least included some solemnity - using candles - even battery type candles, as was once done when taking viaticum to the dying, and then possibly exposing the Blessed Sacrament in a much more dignified fashion."  The 'mob' part - that is the participants kneeling was probably the most effective aspect.  Nevertheless, I do not think it is the proper use of the Blessed Sacrament.  As one commenter noted, "Someone needs to read Redemptionis Sacramentum. This is an abuse of the sacrament, however well intentioned." (MTCLAX at Jesus in the Mall post.)  I totally agree. 

*Sections from the Orthodox akathist Hymn to the Mother of God.
When the bodiless learned of the secret command, he came in haste to Joseph's house and said to her who knew not wedlock: He who bowed the heavens by coming down is contained wholly and unchanged in you. Seeing him take the form of a servant in your womb, I stand in awe and cry out to You: Rejoice, O Bride unwedded.

Rejoice, O Bride unwedded, the world's salvation.Both now and forever…Rejoice, treasury of purity, through whom we have risen from our fall. Rejoice, O Lady, sweet-smelling lilly that sends forth its fragrant scent to the faithful. Rejoice, aromatic incense and precious oil of myrrh. 
Most-holy Mother of God, save us.

More exalted than the heavens, rejoice, you who carded earth's foundation painlessly in your womb. Rejoice, O sea shell who dyed with your own virgin blood the divine purple robe worn by the King of angelic hosts. GloryLady, you truly gave birth to the divine Giver of the law who washes clean the lawlessness of all. O incomprehensible depth and ineffable height, Maiden unwedded, through whom we are deified.

Most-holy Mother of God, save us.

Amazed was the universe by your divine glory. For while never experiencing marriage, you held, O Virgin, the God of all in your womb, and gave birth to an eternal Son who grants salvation to all who chant hymns of praise to you.

Most-holy Mother of God, save us.

Rejoice, for you carried in your womb the Way of life. Rejoice, Bride of God, all-blameless Maiden, who saved the world from the flood of sin. Rejoice, awe-inspiring message and report, habitation of the One who is Lord of all creation.

Most-holy Mother of God, save us.

(The Akathist Hymn and Small Compline)
H/T to Deacon Greg for posting the stories.


  1. I see a lot of the bone head Modernist Maryology.

    I ignore it.

    As well the sappy I love Jesus stuff.

    I have heard too many blasphemies from Christ haters to get after some folks that mean well.

    Pray for the Holy Father.

    (how bout that LarryD praying for our intentions the other day?)


  2. I feel the same whenever i hear that very protestant christmas song, Mary did you know. When it plays, I want to shout, "YES of COURSE she knew! you don't have to sing a whole damn song asking such a dumb question!" The melody's pretty, tho, I'll give it that.

  3. G,




    Makes my eye twitch, my skin crawl, etc.

  4. Oh my. That "Mary's pregnancy test" image is... is very bad. Ugly and disturbing - looks like it was designed for use on a Planned Parenthood pamphlet or something.

  5. The Marian prayer is beautiful.

  6. S. C. Fischer said...
    The Marian prayer is beautiful.

    You should hear it chanted...



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