Thursday, October 20, 2011

Papal Cat.

I wasn't sure if the Holy Father had his cat with him - but obviously he does.  Like all cats, he has the job of supervising the paper work being performed, and most likely leaves an occasional whisker or a few cat hairs on every official Papal document.



  1. That's photoshopped huh?

  2. If this is real, it makes me love this Pope a million times more.

  3. +JMJ+

    One of the news features I remember reading right after Pope Benedict's election was one about his affinity for cats. Apparently, all the cats in Rome's cemeteries just loved him. (I shared this tidbit with my parish priest, who looked delighted as he said, "That's a very good sign!") But the last I heard was that the Holy Father couldn't keep a cat in the Vatican for "security reasons." So it's good to see this image. =)

  4. Is it photoshopped? I hope not. As head of state he should be able to determine whether or not he has a cat. I say it is a real photo.

  5. Security reasons? Like the mouse's union objects?

  6. thanks, ter. now i'm hungry for kung pao chicken.

  7. +JMJ+

    Nan, you ask that question like one who has never tried to stuff a bomb inside a cat.

    (Was I really the only child who ever did that?)

  8. Enbrethiliel - no, you weren't the only kid, other serial killers have tried to do it too.

  9. Last Saturday I found a lone 4-week-old kitten clinging to a tree in the woods by our road. It had probably been abandoned there by someone, as it was tame and wobbled right up to me.
    There is a mangy fox that strolls up and down that part of the road, so I took the kitten home.
    Even though I have a few barn cats, I'm not much of a cat person. I've had to nurse it back to health by feeding it small amounts several times a day. I bought it a comfy bed which I put inside a dog crate in the loft of the llama barn.
    I named it "Simcha" after Simcha Fischer.
    Today my neighbor's elderly aunt said she would love to have it, as her Siamese died last month, and she's been heartbroken ever since.
    So, a good ending to this story, I guess.

  10. Awww, cute! I'm glad the pope has a cat.

  11. There was a children's book out a few years back about the Pope's cat...

    My puddy Tats also assist me in various activities around the house...

    One of the cats at my barn is pals with a cotton tail is hilarious to see them play and chase each other around...predetor and prey and they don't care :)


  12. Julie - I love llamas! Lucky Simcha. I like foxes too.

    Sara - your cat is like my Xena - she liked the little wild rabbits in the back yard - I think she thought they were kittens.

  13. Darn stupid cats. I hate that I love them so. I'll be crushed when mine die.


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