Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bad words.

Bad man.
Once I referred to a commenter on this blog as a dildo and a reader called me to task for using such a vulgar term. I've used similar terms at other times, most recently Tea Baggers when referring to Tea Party people - without any intention whatsoever of suggesting the Tea Party people engage in immoral sexual behavior.  More and more I am convinced I have gone through life afflicted with ADD and/or dyslexia with a bit of literary Tourette Syndrome thrown in.  I often use terms without premeditation or any intent to sexual innuendo.  Creepy sinner though I am, I've always been rather naive, if not just plain inappropriate.  Truth be told, I'm actually offended by the big 'F' word, as well as the other one used for flatulence. 
So anyway, my apologies if I've offended anyone - it wasn't my intent. 


  1. I understand.

    I detest the profanity that permeates our society.
    I think the 7 words you can't say on tv (ala George Carlin) should not be said in polite society.

    teabagger has more than one meaning. Out of 4 only 1 is sexual in nature.
    1: Someone who carries large bundles of tea for shipment
    2: One who is unaware of having said or done some foolish
    3: Someone who has a low status job

    And yet they are offended by the fourth meaning.-- honestly.

    In a grade four class, the teacher was doing spelling and was reviewing words that end in ss.

    After a few: caress, less, class, one boy timidly put up his hand and said,


    "I'm sorry but donkey doesn't end in -ss

    "No I said: 'The other word for donkey' "

    "But donkey doesn't end in ss"

    "No Miss, I'm sorry but I meant umm, ay-ess-ess" He spells it.

    The teacher told him that such words are not to be said in class. And he got sent down to the office.

    I just hope that during Science-zoology she doesn't review the names of the female of animals. Heaven forbid someone tells her what we call the female dog, or a female fox. And in Religion class, heaven forbid the class reads of St. Peter's triple denial. The type of bird will get the kid suspended.

  2. +JMJ+

    During some recent online adventures of mine, I met a teenage girl who is planning to leave the Church because of the way she has been treated by "traditional Catholics." But when I got her to spill her story, I saw that nearly all the terrible stuff they said to her was what a reasonably well-known Catholic blogger would have to deal with in his comboxes every day.

    It made me wonder whether a thick skin is the secret eighth Gift of the Holy Spirit. (Then again, perhaps it's just a special charism.)

  3. I have two friends who always seem to have their house published - last year they had their garden published and received 'horrible, negative comments!' about it.

    What were the comments like? "I prefer the way my garden looks." and "I wouldn't want my yard to look like that - too much maintenance." Mean stuff like that. They couldn't believe how rude people could be.

    And I laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

    Too bad they don't have a blog, huh?

  4. I have noticed in elderly people that their "filters" sometimes kind of quit working; they say exactly what they are thinking; perhaps without realizing that they are thinking out loud. I am afraid I may end up being the potty-mouthed old lady in the nursing home who cusses fluently in two languages. Too bad you can't get selective Alzheimer's and forget the things you never should have remembered in the first place.


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