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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Mass Chat: Implementing change...

Some things take time.
New for my parish:  Implementing a change in posture at Mass.  Seven years ago the change was implemented elsewhere - but not at this parish.  What is the change?  Kneeling for communion?  Receiving on the tongue?  Nope.  Standing for the prayer after the preparation of the gifts when the priest says:  "Pray my sisters and brothers, that our sacrifices may be acceptable to God..."  The congregation is invited to stand for the responsorial - not after the response is made.  It took seven years.  Brick by brick and all of that, I suppose.  I'm sure the ad orientum swing-about will be just around the corner in ten years or so, huh.
Little Glory...
We are rehearsing the new Gloria as well.  Along with inclusive language, it is still set to the same kind of music as before - with piano accompaniment.  I just don't get it when people complain about the 'new' translation.
Making ugly churches uglier.
Right smack dab in the middle of the vast space for the steps up to the sanctuary, the parish is adding guard rails for elderly EMHC's to hop up there at communion time.  I'm guessing the decision to add the guard rails may be related to the fact people have fallen and seriously injured themselves after missing a step or slipping.  I suspect the insurance company may have required some safety measures.  Rather than accommodate the safety requirement by discretely positioning the hand rails off to the side in a manner that might blend architecturally and design wise - the railings are plunked in the middle, angled off slightly.  God love our priests, but there are those who have little, if any understanding of art and design and architecture.  I know they think they do - but all one has to do is look at a few local churches in Minneapolis and notice how good they are at bastardizing already ugly worship spaces.  For instance, only ten years ago another pastor put in a hot tub style baptismal in the church I go to.
This weekend it was the Deacon's turn for the homily.  I actually love his homilies.  I believe he also works in Indian Ministries - or at least did so at one time.  I mention it because when he turned around I noticed he had a pony tail now.  He's old.  Likewise, I saw an interview with a retired local anchor man and noticed he had a pony tail now too.  What's up with old guys growing long hair, getting tattoos and earrings?  Not a good look.  


  1. ... maybe there is a book idea somewhere in this column ... similar to .... Sunday Fashion Trends, or Sunday's Do & Don't Glamour Notes ....

  2. The parish I began pastoring 3 months ago not only has a baptismal jaccuzi -- it also has a "water feature" with a pond pump that sprays water up into the air in all kinds of interesting designs. Lurrrvly!

    Would it be over-the-top if, on baptismal Sundays, I have the cantoress dressed as Esther Williams in a sequin swimsuit, wearing a Miss Liberty crown, and twirling fire batons as she croons "Come To the Water"?

  3. PML - or a regular spot on someone's online magazine. Haha! Only to be kicked off later.

    Fr. Frank - that's a good idea! LOL!

  4. Susan3:57 PM

    Hi Terry -

    We started standing at the beginning of the "Pray, brethren," a couple of years ago. Apparently we should have been doing this all along, and it really wasn't a big adjustment. If I remember correctly, our then-new bishop asked us to do this, and some parishes complied, some didn't. It was not difficult - our priest simply cued us with a raised hand until we did it without prompting.

    We, too, are practicing some of the upcoming changes in the Liturgy. Bishop Lennon wants us to learn the "Mass of St. Paul" by Christmas so we can visit the Cathedral and other parishes and confidently participate in Mass away from our own parishes. I think it is a very practical idea. I like the musical settings, and it is becoming easier to pray the new prayers under the guidance of our good pastor.

    Please pray for my Bishop. Bishop Lennon is recovering from back surgery.

    Blessings from Akron

  5. Our new church built in 2006 has two ramps--one on each side of the sanctuary...helpful for anyone who might have difficult with the steps...

    Which become rather trecherous in their own right in the winter with rain and snow...they are highly polished wood and marble. and while lovely looking are definitely very slippery at the slightest bit of moisture...we've had a couple of elderly visiting priests almost take a tumble...

    Still have not come up with an astetic resolution of the problem of priests who do not have the strength to stand through Communion..

    I always wear flat rubber-soled shoes if I am EM...or cowboy or motorcycle boots...too trecherous for spike-heeled slick-soled dress shoes..


  6. Anonymous8:54 PM

    That's not hipster, just more Boomer mess mess.

  7. We also stand at the same point in the liturgy as Susan cited above, but I believe it's the wrong point.

    Elderly priests also make use of those ramps up the sanctuary stairs. Ramps aren't only for senior laypeople, lectors or what have you.


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