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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Blessed Virgin and Egypt

The most recent appearance.
Reports are the Blessed Virgin is once again appearing in Egypt - perhaps to strengthen and console the Coptic Christian undergoing such severe persecutions.  The photo shown here is purported to be one of the apparitions which bears a resemblance to many other sightings since the famed Zeitoun apparitions which occurred in 1968-1971.  Those apparitions were approved by the Coptic and Roman Catholic Church as being worthy of belief.  I believe the early apparitions were considered to be a gift from heaven to strengthen and prepare the faithful for troubled times ahead.
It seems to me Egypt is especially dear to Our Lady since she and the Infant Jesus and St. Joseph were given refuge there after they escaped the first persecution by Herod.  The Coptic Church is known as the Church of martyrs.


  1. I believe that these apparitions are re-enacting the Holy Family's flight into Egypt to escape King Herod's slaughter of the innocents. If you look at the timing of the original apparitions, you find that they occur in the same month and year that a new "slaughter of the innocents" began, with the implementation of the UK Abortion act, which was brought into effect in April 1968. It was this event which was the "slippery slope" that saw abortion being legalised throughout Europe and eventually the US and beyond. See http://unveilingtheapocalypse.blogspot.com/
    Love the blog by the way!

  2. Emmett - thanks - that is a very interesting insight. I never considered it that way before now. God bless you.


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