Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What's going on in London?

Global revolution?
Remember the riots in Greece?  Now the riots in the UK.
The Famine in Somalia.
Hints of racial unrest in Philadelphia and Milwaukee.
Prayer and fasting is needed.


  1. What's going on is criminality out of control, pure and simple. It's disgusting, and it's our "no responsibility" Western world that's crated the monster.

    London has never seen more desperation, hopelessness, or poverty than they did at the time following the Blitz and the war. Yet, no looting and riots then.

    When you have a large criminal element, and more and more people see that there are NO consequences to the crimes, what's to stop them?

    A generation of fatherless children raised with no values except what they learn from "thug life" glorified by popular culture, who are taught in schools that their problems are all someone else's fault (read: white Europeans), and people wanna speculate about spending cuts? really? This is not politically motivated (where are the banners? The speakers?), but simply criminally motivated, and a society that has decided that evil no longer exists, that has decided that people do not do evil acts for evil reasons, is struggling to figure out what the problem is.

    The reality is that those who are most affected will be poor / lower middle class minorities who own shops or work in one for their livelihood, people who own just one car that's been destroyed, people who have that just one place to live - how many struggling livelihoods are being destroyed because these A**holes decide to riot and destroy indiscriminately?

    And by the way, the guy who got shot at the beginning of it all was a well-known criminal who, if he didn't shoot at the police first, was in a situation he shouldn't have been in in which the police had to defend themselves. We've dumbed down police brutality too.

    Did anyone see the video shadowlands posted?

  2. I was going to blame Cathy of Alex, but Mercury's comment is closer to the truth.

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Mercury has it in a nut shell!
    Serious prayers for a calmer night.

  4. Prayers for London.that all may be safe.



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