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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who painted this?

I hate it when people use art online without attribution.   Anyway - this is THE best rendering of Solanus Casey I have ever seen, as well as THE best composition I have ever seen.  Who is the artist?  Anyone know?  Source.
I have to go out and mow the lawn.  I'll never paint again.


  1. Terry--You are hysterical~!

  2. Brett Edenton, that's who.
    I agree, though I have been guilty of it myself.



  3. Also, the gallery on Edenton's page has some excellent examples of his art.


  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Thanks Cathy - he is a masterful painter! - TerryN

  5. I am not an artist, but it sort of looks like a non-icon "icon". I like the barely perceptible fiddle, which according to his talent, should be barely perceptible.

  6. How beautiful!! The brown monotone is sublime. It reminds me of aged leather. :) Venerable Solanus Casey, pray for us.

  7. Little Freak9:24 AM

    You will paint again- I know you will.

  8. Thanks for all of your kind words about this painting.


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