Friday, May 13, 2011

Terrorists, Homeland Security or the Gays?

What happened to blogger?
The whole thing has been down for almost 24 hours.  I even lost my last post - and it was so insightful!  Another one got saved to draft - the post everyone is making fun of me for - so I just republished it.  Unfortunately the nice comments weren't saved for some reason - so I turned off the com box. 
I wonder what happened?  My first thought was that terrorists brought down blogger in retaliation for bin Laden's accidental death.  I guess he wasn't shot after all but tripped on the rug in his bedroom and hit his head on his bed frame.
Then I thought it might be homeland security and so I just took off all of my clothes and sat in front of my lap top with the camera running.  Nothing happened.
But then after discovering that some of my anti gay marriage posts were gone I decided it must have been the gays.  I've been blacklisted by the gay-agenda personalities, movers and shakers of the movement and I'm sure they went after blogger  to intimidate them into removing my posts.  When blogger refused, they hit them with a blackout as a warning.  You think I'm making this up?  I even checked my house on Google Earth and it has a cross hairs on it.  Just today my cat got a death threat mixed in with her Meow-Mix. 
So anyway - that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.  


  1. Haha, I was just wondering what happened too, when I reloaded the page and saw this post.

    I noticed you were posting under a different name at some point in the previous posts as well.

    Obviously a hit by the al-Gayda terorist network. Oh, and Freemasons. Probably gay Muslim Freesmason Jews targeted your site. Is there any other explanation that covers the bases so well? Didn't think so. Ergo ...

  2. Man I didn't even think of the Freemason Muslim Jews! (Al-Gayda - I love that.)

  3. LOL, Terry! I knew this was all your fault for one reason or another!

  4. Hey, you be careful! If "they" launch a covert're not gonna hear the helicopters. By the time you look out the windows to see rappelling ropes suspended in midair......well, the titanium-toothed war dog will have secured his target.

    BTW, how much do you trust that cat?


    the exile

  5. ...ya know Terry I did notice that there were some men in black walking down some neighborhood street in Mnpls ... wonder if it was your block

  6. a Utah thing....

    We've actually had sunshine for TWO--count em--TWO days in a row...and my furnace didn't click on last night..need to find my sunblock (what's THAT??)

    Must be sunspots or something...

    And then saw on MSN the fashions that women over 35 MUST NOT wear...I am like SO have to get rid of my Uggs :)

    This week at work I actually saw a GUY wearing a white muscle shirt, white tiger strip tights ( yes TIGHTS--leaving absolutely NOTHING to the imagination), cowbow boots and a cowboy hat....I'm surprised he could actually walk down one block alive...something right out of Village People..

    Sunspots indeed..


  7. I'm glad to find out it wasn't my computer doing strange things. I couldn't get into Blogger at all; and I thought it was probably a sign the computer was about to go belly-up. It's an older one and stuff like that always happens when one doesn't need any more bills (like there is a time when we need them!)

  8. My take on this is...pray your daily rosary and just "hold on tight"!

    Similar weirdo things have happened around here (lately, it seems!).

    So glad you're back, Mr. Terry.
    What would we do without you??

  9. When I read that you took off all your clothes and sat in front of your lap top with the camera running I didn't get disugsted...I guffawed! Is that wrong???

  10. I hope you laughed - it was meant as a jab at TSA when they pat down airline passengers.

  11. I was thinking of that movie with Alec Baldwin called It's Complicated.

    hahaha- my word veri is "pealo" !

  12. Well Terry--
    I have been banned at America Magazine. I kept getting locked out and could not figure out why so E-mailed the editor ar In All Things:

    Here is the reply I got back:

    I kept getting glocked out every day at America Magazine and could not figure out why. Well, it seems I have been "banned". Here is the E-mail I received from Tim Reidy:


    I’m for for the tardy reply. We tried to contact you at your Comcast account some weeks ago but we were unsuccessful. In short, we ask that you take a break from posting to the blog. Your consistent posting of quotes from outside sources has become repetitive, and the tone you strike with some of the Jesuits borders on the disrespectful. We do not have the staff to vet every comment, so I’m afraid we are asking a few correspondents to take a break.

    Tim Reidy

    Fr. Keane SJ called me a liar but that is OK. Who ever thought we'd live to see the day a Jesuit priest would call someone a liar?

    This was his post. I kid you not:

    Maria Byrd,
    My objection was not to your vocabulary. My objection was to your lie.
    Jim Keane, S.J.

    Report comment
    Posted By Jim Keane, S.J. | Tuesday, May 10, 2011 01:32:04 AM

    God have mercy on us.

  13. Maria: Rejoice! You've been "banned"!
    From telling the truth.

    And on another note: shame on them and Jesus have mercy!

  14. Ah, so you were the porno stash at bin-Laden's bunker!


  15. Padre--lol, yes, banned from telling the truth. One is free to lambaste the church and hate her, ad nauseam---just no love for Her allowed. Have mercy,indeed.

  16. Mr. Terry: Since I can't comment on the "final confrontation" post, I'll do it here.
    I remember this from many, many years ago; my, far we've come from the '70s until now.
    And it's not just a "gay issue"...
    It's all about Christ and His teachings vs "The world";
    the "gay agenda" is only one fibre of the whole tapestry (and I'm talking about political-social acceptance of gay marriage/lifestyle, not acceptance of those who have same sex attraction).
    The whole abortion-contraception-cohabitation acceptance of many, many of those who call themselves Christian is a rejection of the tradition of "mere Christianity" of C.S. Lewis which is, in fact, an anti-Christ/anti-Church rebellion against the norms of 2000 years. THEY are just as guilty as anybody who is guilty of homosexual sin.
    This has nothing to do with rejecting people; it's all about a way of life, an acceptance of "evil" as "good"...Christ never rejected individuals; He certainly taught that anyone who rejected Him was rejecting the Father (the ultimate Source of All);
    Jesus Christ is the source and foundation of our belief as Christians/Catholics.
    And if we reject Him in His Church, whether we like it or not, we are a part of the anti-Christ. And that's why we have the Sacrament of Penance; we ALL reject Him in one way or another...either seriously or venially...
    the fact remains that we cannot accept Christ as Saviour and reject His teachings.
    Love one another, yes.
    Accept evil as good, no.

  17. Thanks very much Father - I'm grateful for this comment - thank God it wasn't lost in yesterday's crash. What you say is exactly how I meant it. God bless!

  18. Hey Terry--I am one of those who "doesn't even have a job". Now I am banned at America. I shouldn't even be commenting, right, lol?

  19. "a rejection of the tradition of "mere Christianity" of C.S. Lewis which is, in fact, an anti-Christ/anti-Church rebellion against the norms of 2000 years. THEY are just as guilty as anybody who is guilty of homosexual sin."

    Sorry - I'm a bit confused by the sentence structure. (Probably my brain sucking, rather than your writing sucking.) Are you saying that pro-contraception is anti-Christi/ anti-Church (obviously it is) or that "mere Christianity" (i.e. not explicitly Catholicism) is anti-Christ/anti-Church (not sure I'd put it in quite those terms.

    Sorry for being dense, but clarification would be appreciated.


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