Saturday, May 14, 2011

Priest-Martyr for our time.

Blessed Fr. Jerzy Poieluszko
The offensive against priests and bishops of the Catholic Church who speak out against social issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion reminds me very much of how it must have been for priests such as Blessed Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko, the Polish martyr associated with the Solidarity Union.  Fr. Jerzy was assassinated by three agents of the Polish Communist Government.  The were members of the internal intelligence agency.
Fr. Jerzy spoke out against the Communist system, encouraging the people through his homilies with spiritual instruction, as well as moral and ethical teachings opposed to the repressive regime. 
It seems to me that Blessed Fr. Popieluszko is an excellent model and patron for Catholics - especially priests - who must speak out against the anti-Christian social issues of our times.  Today, as in Popieluzko's day, immoral voices tell us religion and politics are not to be mixed.  Religious freedom is at stake when priests and bishops are mocked and told they cannot instruct and guide the faithful in matters of faith and morals.    


  1. There is a lovely memorial to Fr. at St. Hyacinth in Chicago.
    I was just there on Holy Thursday.

    Thanks for posting about him and keeping his memory alive.

  2. Cathy - where is this memorial in Chicago? thanks

  3. PML,
    It's in the St. Hyacinth memorial garden, the one with the giant statue of JP2.
    There is also a beautiful memorial just inside the doors of the church, a bronze "open book" - IIRC, the left side of the book is a memorial to the Poles killed by Communists and the right side is a recently added memorial for the victims of the Smolensk plane crash, one of whom was a parishioner at St. Hyacinth.

  4. I agree with you, Mr. Terry.

    Bishops and priests who teach according to the Catholic Faith are/will be held in contempt.

    That's okay.

    Jesus is our Model.

    He loved sinners. He rejected sin.

    And the sins of the woman caught in adultery are (it seems) far less serious than the hypocrisy of the "Pharisees"...

    interpret that as you will.

    Unfortunately, we have far too many bishops and priests who are not without guile, without hypocrisy...who are guilty of the sins of the Pharisees...

    pray, please pray for priests!


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