Friday, May 27, 2011

Sister Ana Nobili: Sacred Dance at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme

The video shown here is not from Santa Croce, but offers a glimpse of the method of dance Sr. Ana performs.  Promoted as a “ballerina for God”, the nun, Sr. Ana Nobili, a former exotic dancer, performed a dance for the community and guests at the abbey of Santa Croce in Rome in 2009. - Source
"Jesus is a God who dances, not one who stands still." - Sr. Ana Nobili
I believe it was Meister Eckhart who said "God laughs and plays".
Who's to judge?


  1. Oh brother. Where do you find these things? Look at all the people she has assembled to gaze upon her. If she was dancing for Jesus, she would be doing it privately, not in front of an audience where she receives enrichment for her ego.

  2. +JMJ+

    This reminds me that the first time I encountered the "hymn" Lord of the Dance, I was reading an Andrew Greeley novel.

  3. I'm sure on certain other blogisterium locales, she's already condemned to he'll for all kinds of stuff, but really, as cheesy as it is, as inappropriate, as well, silly, the poor woman thinks she's giving something back to God, who she sees as saving her from a life of serious sin. He knows what's in her heart, however moronic the actions may look.

    And gotta love the Italian commentary conveniently translated into Lithuanian.

  4. Post this video at Rorate Caeli and you will get a feeding frenzy.

  5. "...the poor woman thinks she's giving something back to God, who she sees as saving her from a life of serious sin. He knows what's in her heart, however moronic the actions may look."
    I agree, Mercury.

  6. Mercury

    I think your words tie in greatly to the post I did yesterday on Vox Nova:

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  8. On the one hand, she looks ecstatically happy in her new life, and excited to spread the message of the mercy of Jesus. She obviously thinks she is doing good, and the Lord knows her heart.

    On the other hand, not all her dancing is as graceful and, well, innocent-looking as the video you posted. Some of the moves in this video, though common enough in popular dance since at least the 1980s, are questionable from a modesty standpoint:

    She should tell her story, to inspire others. And she should dance for God, if that helps her pray. But perhaps her dancing should not be so public.

  9. "Who's to judge?" Evidently the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. Seriously, this is inappropriate behavior for a religious and inappropriate entertainment for an abbey and quests.

  10. Thank you, Holy Father for shutting this monastery down.

  11. Jane
    I don't understand the Italian, but my impression on watching the video you linked to, is that the dance they showed there was from before she became a religious sister.

  12. Henry Karlson9:07 AM

    Fr. Erik Richtsteig

    The Vatican didn't condemn her, didn't judge her heart. That is Mercury's point. Now, are you saying they did? I hope not.

  13. Fr Erik - I wasn't indicating that this is a good idea or appropriate, just that, at least from the little I see on the video, she seems to think she really is giving something back to God. That's all.

  14. "...Post this video at Rorate Caeli and you will get a feeding frenzy..."

    I have gotten more honest answers and information about Church matters than I have from the Papal Nuncio,
    Archbishop, and local Bishop where I live from Rorate Caeli.

    That group is responsible for much action from the Hierarchy at Rome; they light a fire under them and force them to act.

    They are not popular with the Modernists, but I would bet the Holy Father reads that blog just after Abbey Roads.


  15. I wonder if they will allow this kind of dance for the TLM? While the priest has his back to the congregation?


  16. That's a very good question.

    If they are both the same in validity, blah, blah, blah, they should be interchangeable.

    Latin has been used in the Novus Ordo, so why haven't clowm Masses, Liturgical former stripper Nun dancers,or Mariachi Masses been imposed on the True Mass?



  17. Will people shut up about the damn clown masses / puppet masses etc? I mean, you get the idea reading some people that the Novus Ordo Mass features such crap on a regular basis, when in reality it was a travesty against the Mass committed in several North American / European dioceses, but which thankfully seems to be going away.

    I have never seen such crap EVER, and I'm sure most people who attend the Mass of Paul VI regulary have not, nor would they tolerate it.

    I mean, acting the the Novus Ordo contains such crap in a regular basis is the same as me saying the TLM is typically done by a drunken mumbling Irish theological illiterate who makes up the Latin half the time.

    (no offense to the Irish if Shadowlands reads this - just trying to color up my stereotype :)

  18. "I have never seen such crap EVER.."

    Oh yeah?

    Here are eight videos worth, with a Cardinal no less:

    By your logic, if you personally do not see something, it does not exist?


  19. Terry, you are a such a troublemaker! LOL.

    Look with eyes of faith. There's way more going on there than a moronic dance.

    It is the rotten fruit of a tree the Pope has taken the ax to.

    Lots of times we will see people act out when they are spiritually sick.

    It isn't good enough for our Lord to let our brothers and sisters deceive themselves. That's filial love at best. It is not agape.

    I know a man who died over the last few days who was in charge of a heretic rag that have anchored many into their state of sin. He thought he was doing something for the Lord too. But he wasn't. I gave him a very succinct warning many moons ago and specifically told him to pay close attention to my words because they may come in handy some day.

    I am thankful that I did. I pray others did. If you didn't I'd take great care about to pooh-pooh those calling out the trampling of our religion (and their own souls in the process) going forward.

    That is all kiddies!

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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  22. Wait...passing on the pure faith to the next generation must be preserved with errors?

    Do you know the difference between passing on the faith with purity and passing it on defiled?

    Preserving error is the antithesis of Christendom. Leave that work to the devil.

  23. Henry Karlson2:43 PM

    As is typical, with you, Carol, you don't know how to read. It is faith which must be preserved. Faith, the openness of the heart to God. We all fail in comprehending God, so in those failures, we will be wrong, but our faith in God is right. It is proper and just to encourage faith in God, wherever it maybe be found. We must not destroy, we must build up. That is the way of Christendom. The way of the devil is destruction and annihilation in the name of "truth."

  24. As in, would reading the comments at Rorate Caeli help or hinder this woman in her search for Christ?

    What she's doing is dumb and innapropriate, but from this video at least, I can't see that it is objectively sinful or heretical. Treating her like she is a heretic halfway burning in Hell will not help anyone.

    No one, that is, except the egos over at Rorate Caeli who can high-five each other in the combox.

    I truly dislike the comboxes on such sites, because the pride and arrogance is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    And Carol, I don't mean you in any way at all - I mean the know-it-alls who fancy themselves saints who can lord it over the sinners.

  25. It says right there purity of the faith must be preserved with errors.

    I never heard such poppycock.

    Preserving souls in their errors is the work of the devil.

    Your ambiguity and mucking up the faith is a danger to the souls reading it. I don't have any idea what is clouding your judgment but something is Henry. I tell you this because I care about Christ and truth and matters of the soul. It isn't an assault against your intellect.

    I am dead serious when I tell you that when I read about NCR's editor, I was taken back to the moments when I, without reserve, boldly warned him about what he was doing and I was relieved I had done so. I pray that those who cared enough about him and Christ to say what needed to be said left a light on the path that he made his way to - in spite of folks who preserve souls in their errors and pretend it is a service to God. It is treachery.


    Thanks for your thoughts. I am guilty myself of not being conscience of what is going on behind people's nutty behavior. It takes deep prayer and practice and discipline. Admittedly, I often don't see with spiritual eyes. In fact, I'd say it's rare when I do. But owning up to it, even after the fact, gets us 50% there for the next time.

    This one was just a no brainer for me. It is just too obvious.

  26. Clare,
    The footage in the video I linked to is definitely from 2010, after she became a nun. Pictures of the same routine, with the same costumes are in the photo gallery on her website,

    I don't mind if this woman wants to dance for God. But I hope she does not lead young people astray by encouraging them to dance and dress immodestly on stage.

  27. Fr. Richard3:55 PM

    This is like a bad european dream. What the bleep is going on in the Church? Jesus help us!!

  28. Henry Karlson4:14 PM


    It is because you do not understand faith. The point is that even in error, the truth contained in error must be preserved, and we must not destroy the truth in our desire to overcome error. Annihilation is of the devil, transformation and baptism is of God. This is how the apologists understood pagan tradition and why they would call Socrates a Christian. They didn't think Socrates understood the Christian faith -- but they did see his faith and that was a faith in truth even when he was mistaken.

    This is a basic position of Catholicism.

  29. Henry Karlson4:19 PM

    And no, I didn't say errors must be preserved, Carol. Again, you would do well to learn how to read instead of create strawmen. The fact is that errors often contain truth, and we must preserve those truths when we overcome error. It's like with transubstantiation; the elements are not destroyed (annihilated) but transformed. Annihilation is of the devil, transformation is of God. The Church has always recognized that non-Christians can and do have all kinds of truths given them by God, even if they find themselves in error; the solution is not to denounce everything they believe, but to use the truth within to open them to the fullness of truth. Again, this is basic, and found throughout the Doctors of the Church (St Thomas Aquinas was often criticized by people like you, because he was interested in the truth in error, and took much and learned much from pagans and Muslims).

  30. Oh, I get it.

    You're talking about the whitened sepulcher Trads that infest Rorate Caeli.

    The bloglodites that own that blog are some pretty decent folks, including Mr. Palad and Misters New Catholic and PKTP.

    It's kinda like Mr. Nelson, he is pretty decent, but he has some real loser commenters on his blog, and I am their Leader.

    This is what Christ had to say to the sepulchres:

    We that crucify Christ daily must cry out from our hearts for forgiveness.


  31. Henry,

    Sure there is a grain of truth in errors.

    The grain of truth in errors is the devil's bait.

    We don't sell faith with errors. Period. We don't preserve it. It isn't faith.

    You cherry pick a couple of phrases you read, you jumble it all up and the next thing you know, you're out there telling Catholics that our mission is to preserve souls in error.

    I've read your article. It is doozy. Here's the piece of the puzzle you are missing:

    The pursuit of a soul in error that is developing faith in themselves is not faith in God and of God. Even when that soul may have a grain or two of truth wrapped up into their errors.

    Our job is to untangle it for them, NOT to preserve it. That's why Christ sent out His apostles to convert them. To baptize them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    "Purity of faith must be preserved,even when faith is mixed with error."

    Here, try this on:

    Purity of medicine must be preserved, even when it is mixed with malpractice.

    Garbage in, garbage out!

    You don't know the difference between a soul who is on a path of venerating themselves as the arbiter of truth -- and calling that 'faith'

  32. You don't know the difference between a soul who is on a path of venerating themselves as the arbiter of truth -- and calling that 'faith'.

    The Church of the man made God came from the hi-jacking of Vatican Council II.


  33. SMDUIB,

    I dunno. The liar and murderer has been tricking us from the beginning but I often wonder if the hijacking of V2 coincided with his unchaining after a thousand years.

    Henry - you're a smart individual but you sadly can't get yourself out of the way to let Our Lord enlighten you.

    Where in Christ's ministry did He and His apostles preserve people's errors because they contained a grain of truth?

    In what Chapter are they observing people worshiping pagan gods and it did not bother them?

    Not everything we read is truth and wisdom. What you're selling is the antithesis of Christ's Ministry and consequently, the antithesis of ours.

    The purity of faith is preserved in Scripture that excludes error. Completely excludes error.

    The purity of the faith is preserved in a Catechism that completely excludes error.

    The purity of Christ's ministry on earth was preserved by three years of converting souls from their erroneousness ideas about God and faith.

    That was Christ's whole shtick.

    Hope everyone has a blessed and fun kickoff to Summer.

  34. Carol--

    No summer here in Utah...

    It is barely mid-50's, barely warm enough to be called spring....

    But Spring enough to cause my allergies to go into overdrive..


  35. This is what real liturgical dance looks like, from Ethiopia; communal, restrained, very beautiful.
    I rejoice that she is not dancing naked for lustful men, and the joy in her countenance is undeniable, but this very individualistic, expressive dance is misguided....

  36. I wouldn't touch this conversation with a 10 foot pole.

    (Not here, anyway. It would be way too phallic.)

  37. Henry Karlson3:15 AM


    Once again, you fail to show simple reading comprehension and completely misrepresent what others write or say.

    No one has said we are to preserve error. It is the transformation and purification of faith which is important. Consider if you will the man Jesus met who Jesus said had the greatest faith. Who was he? What was he like? If you can figure this out, then you can see what is being discussed.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Sara, Wow. We are 95 here in Boston!

    Henry, every Catholic in a state of grace who reads your articles and the articles of your colleagues misleading Catholics with you and offers you truth does not have a 'reading comprehension' problem.

    Your quest to 'purify' Christ Jesus' faith by embracing your own errors, encouraging others in theirs and spreading it around the internet as some kind of preservation of 'faith' is nonsense. What you are doing is setting them on a path to preserve the flawed dynamic of believing 'faith' is when you embrace ideas that oppose the Deposit of Faith.

    Doing so could set them on a rollercoaster ride of pain, suffering and possibly even consequences that they will never recover from in their lifetime.

    When you have set yourself up as a teacher of 'the Faith', you are obliged and in fact it is your duty to teach the path of the purity in the Catechism which has been preserved without errors for 2000 years. Nothing is to be added and nothing is to be taken away from that Deposit of Faith.

    Spreading the errors of buddah, allah and all the other crazy stuff you waste hours of thinking time conjuring up to create some kind of link to Catholicism is not servitude to Christ or the souls reading it.

    Dancing for our Lord or singing for our Lord or working in our own little avocations is what we all do every day of lives - or at least strive to do. We are supposed to be ambassadors to our faith in everything we do. It is the teeny tiny piece of our royal priesthood we are permitted to share.

    We can do it imperfectly. We can have a lousy day.

    That's not what is going on with this woman so we can't use it in this example. This woman was at a facility that was spreading errors. Given that the Pope and Vatican has done zip to Rochester - one can presume that whatever was going on there that he took this action was worse. Given what we know about Rochester - which I acquiesce is worse than Boston - that is saying something.

    It is as clear as the ball on the end of our noses that her performance is about her, not Our Lord. (There are some pretty crazy ones out there of her on the internet.)

    Once upon a time, I thought all the talk I was doing in my little circles regarding teaching of contraception was something I was doing for the Lord. I thought I was transforming, helping Him on the trajectory of intellectual evolution of which his poor Pope was ignorant.

    You know the routine? I saw the Pope as a well-meaning but naive man in his bunker, who could not possibly know how it all plays out for those of us living in the real world. God was so lucky to have me, the enlightened one, and I was helping His Church.

    Thankfully, numerous people were brave enough to call me out on my errors and give me the right resources to read for myself.

    You have two choices when those resources are put under your nose. You can read them with an open mind asking God to reveal the Truth because you love Him and you want to know -- or you can read it with the attitude you are going to debunk it and the truth will bounce off of your heart and brain like seed bounces off of stone.

    You see discussions with you from your perch of insulting your intellect. Your creations of your masterpieces are for people to adore. You are not in a place where you are open to the truth. You have taken up defense.

    As a result, you have been exiled to Babylon. You can't hear the truth from your position and self-imposed exile. When people try to tell you, you look around for men with testosterone and try to tap into it so they will come to your rescue. The great one has been insulted.

    Sadly, as your Babylonian predecessors in the 4000 years of Judeo-Christian history, you don't even know it.

  40. e referred to the dance nun as "The saucy sister" LOL!

    Life is a sitcom!

  41. LOL. That's a bit like calling Arnold Schwarzenegger an energetic husband.

  42. Henry Karlson2:25 PM

    Qudos Allah, Qudos al-Gowee, Qudos al-lethy la yamoot turhumna

  43. Henry,

    I'll take a crack at this one.

    You are translating "In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" into Arabic to give affirmation to the content of theology that is written in the antigospel, the koran.

    This nugget, presumably gives credence to your thesis that it is not the apostolic mission of Christendom to covert pagans and uncatechized to Christianity and you as a Catholic can therefore venerate false idols and promote false religions.

    This is the antithesis of Christ's instructions and His Apostolic Church.

    The theologian you use in your article who sadly was disinterested in converting pagans - this was a flaw in his spiritual life, not virtue.

    There's a few critical words missing from your Arabic translation of the mission of Christendom.

    Let's mosey on over to St. Matthew and put the context on your half-baked citation, shall we?

    Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.



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