Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Has anyone else noticed?

Haven't you noticed how pro-gay every one seems to be getting lately?  Perhaps it is true that most Catholics now favor gay marriage?  What if the entire world decided gay is good, gay is a gift from God?  Then the next question to be answered would have to be:  If gay is good and it is a gift from God, then how can the Church say no to gay sex and gay marriage?  Haven't you heard that one?  Haven't you read that on Catholic blogs and in the com boxes?  I wrote about this trend a few years ago - now the idea seems to have  gone mainstream.
That's what has been bothering me.  But even if the whole world says it is good, that can not and does not  change Roman Catholic Church teaching. 
I'll keep blogging what the Church teaches, not what some priest-theologian, gay-activist-personality tries to pass off as Catholic teaching.
"Happy the man whom you teach, O Lord,
who you train by means of your law."
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  2. The reason that most of them are "pro-gay" is that they don't know how destructive homosexual practices are. They imagine it to be be snuggling and holding hands.

    In reality it is forcing natural and foreign objects into places where much damage can be caused. One of the many reasons why male homosexuals have lifespans shorter than those of heavy cigarette smokers.

    Not to mention the use of addictive substances.

    It is incomprehensible why "pride" is their mantra when their activities are killing them.

  3. I don't know if you remember this or not, Terry, but sometime in the last year I wrote a blog post asking why people were so willing to comment on my various blog posts, but when I wrote about gay topics, it was all silence and crickets.

    Some people answered that the fight wasn't worth it anymore because it was clear that Christians were losing. That was about the only real response I got.

    In that blog post, I suggested that many Catholics have drank the gay kool-aid. While my blog post yesterday doesn't show that to be completely true (only because it involved children, though), I think it is true: Most Christians now believe that gay love/relationships are the same as God-approved love/relationships.

    I'm not saying gay people don't really feel love for one another. Obviously, they do. But there is so much missing and it's so incomplete, which the Church teaches and attests to.

    I blame all the self-esteem/diversity crapola out there.

    To Ray: I have known quite a few gay men in my life and many, many of them find the kind of sex you speak of disgusting and abhorrent. Just an FYI. It's not right to assume that of all gay men.

  4. The gay agenda is just a small fish in the bigger ideological pond. Its popularity is interconnected with pop culture, and as such it will fade pretty quickly.

    But just wait until Islam gains greater prominence.

    Somehow I have a hard time picturing these guys picketing mosques and having the courage to mock Islam as they do Christianity...

  5. Whoa! Talk about timely!
    Just yesterday an acquaintance informed me quite authoritatively that the RC Church had better 'get with it' on gay marriage and womyn priests or it would become the smallest denomination out there.

    My reply was that if everyone left the Church and all that was left was the Pope, the Church would still teach the truth.

    Number of adherents is no indicator of truth. People don't seem to get that though.

    Why is that? Misery loves company? Sin doesn't seem so sinful if everybody agrees with it?
    Is that it?

    It all bewilders me.

  6. popularity agenda10:41 AM

    " ... Sin doesn't seem so sinful if everybody agrees with it? Is that it? ... It all bewilders me." -Maryjohn

    Situation Ethics explains some of it (the fruits of):
    history -

    critic of-

    education, case example -

    "All you need is love..."
    (John Lennon and Paul McCartney)

    When I was attending a catholic college, situation ethics (didn't know the term them) was what was promoted by way of the reasoning identified in your question. Collect mass in group think makes morality and ethics. Ya know it is all man-made anyway.

  7. Charlotte - I do remember that.

    Mary John - seems to me that is the case - sin isn't so sinful if everyone agrees with it.

  8. Anonymous12:37 PM

    All of which reminds me of:

    For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. 2 Tim 4:3,4


  9. I've said this before, so please pardon me if this seems repetitious.

    Separating the unitive from the procreative in sexual life9married life) causes all this kind of confusion and acceptance of things that are not according to Catholic teaching/natural law.

    Rejection of "Humanae vitae" in 1968 was the beginning of the end, so to speak.

    Sexual ethics is not about rejecting people; it's about embracing God's Way; lots of contracepting/abortion proponent heterosexuals are in line with the acceptance of gay sexual activity/marriage.

    It's a culture war, as you have stated, Mr. Terry.

    We just have to keep stating the Truth in Love.

    So much confusion. So little understanding.

  10. Henry Karlson2:53 PM

    I would recommend people read Solovyov's "Meaning of Love."

  11. Henry K: Solovyov is great!

  12. Henry, it's a lot easier to read Nelson, Peters, Donahue, and Archbold. Silly Henry. :-p

  13. '...Solovyov never married or had children..."

    Those that don't know, teach.

    Those that know even less, become immortalized.


  14. Fr. NP, in one post I will reference from Henry's group blog it is suggested that Benedict XVI just may be dismissive of Humanae Vitae. Since the document was promulgated not a few have wanted it overturned, as it were. As we know - it has been not only opposed but ignored until now.

  15. Where V. Solovyov's beliefs stood on Catholic teachings confuses me, especially upon reading a few essays on 'Rose of the World' and Daniel Andreev, in conjunction w/information on the rise of gnostic and occult practices in Russia. Not to change subjects or anything. I see Catholic folks quoting Solovyov and just wonder ...

    Plus, Waldorf/Steiner groups promote his works too:


    The Rose of the World
    Context and Terminology

    Andreev is one of the great spiritual or apocalyptic visionaries, comparable to Dante, Swedenborg, and Rudolf Steiner. He is part of the same Sophianic tradition as Solovyov. For Andreev, the physical Earth we inhabit is one plane within a complex hierarchy of planes, some of darkness and some of light, which together make up the full metaphysical reality of the Earth. His book, the Rose of the World, is a guide to this metaphysical reality. His understanding of metaphysical reality is consistent with the universal vision of the Sophia Perennis. Each person is ultimately a pure spiritual being, a monad, created by Dea and existing eternally completely untouched by evil. In descending into the worlds of creation, the monad puts on bodies or garments of progressively more material form, and in doing so becomes subject to good and evil. ..."

  16. pml--How are you doing w/ your headaches and symptoms?

  17. Chris in Maryland10:01 PM

    Leon Panetta, Bob Bennett and the rest of the National Review Board on "The Crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States" put their finger on the problem - over 80% of abused children/teens were boys victimized by homosexual predators.

    As stated on p. 80 of the "Report on the Crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States," 27 Feb 2004, issued by the National Review Board (prominent lay Catholics like Bob Bennett, Leon Panetta, Anne Burke et al) "[W]e must call attention to the homosexual behavior that characterized the vast majority of the cases of abuse...[T]hat eighty-one percent of the reported victims of child sexual abuse by Catholic clergy were boys shows that the crisis was characterized by homosexual behavior."

  18. A oh! My doppelganger is causing problems for me again ... dang! Maria, thanks for inquiring, but 'me' thinks it is my doppelganger who must have headaches and symptoms. I'm fine, really.


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