Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fr. Pfleger gets his parish back.

The Cardinal gave in.

It's nice the Cardinal and Fr. Pfleger worked things out.


  1. how nice. the petty side of me really wanted pfleger to get got. i guess i should be happy the cardinal his giving pfleger an opportunity to repent while saving face. how charitable.

  2. Not my parish - not my problem. If it was my parish, it wouldn't be anymore.

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    that's nice


  4. Poor Cardinal George. He didn't create this mess but if only he had the steel spine to end it.

  5. Terry, don't forget what happened at St. Stephens; the priest retired, a more orthodox priest was assigned to the parish and most of the english speakers left and are hosting reenactments or whatever it is you do without a priest, in another location. And at the indian mission there were some orthodoxy issues as well; I don't know what they were doing but I think it was some ethnic based not-Mass components added. If sending Fr. Pf back for a few months prevents mass exodus, it's a good thing in the long run.

  6. Keep praying for the people of St. Sabina's Parish!


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