Thursday, February 24, 2011


Flannery O'Connor

I've never read her work, but I know a lot of you have.  I thought some of you might enjoy this image.
Art:  St. Flannery on book pages.  Tyrus Clutter  More amazing work at:  Tyrus Clutter


  1. Wonder if the Coen brothers would ever consider a screenplay based on her stuff? She's probably rolling in the grave at the mere thought...

    M.Knight Shamalayan, though, could do it if he could manage to rein himself in. "The Village" was as Catholic-themed as it gets.

    Sorry, Terry. I'm daydreaming again.

  2. "Sheepnamedcoco" is "Julie", as if it matters. Dang, I'll never figure this computer out...I have more identities than Tracy Ulmann.

  3. Terry, thanks for highlighting this post so I could come and see the art.

    The technique is awesome. Looks like gouache but I learnt on his site that it's watercolour and casien. I've seen a number of people painting on old book pages but haven't tried that myself. I imagine a similar look might be accomplished using gouache. The likeness, is OK, but not great, IMHO.

    Thanks again for highlighting this post.

  4. I like it very much - but I'm not familiar with what Flannery looked like.

  5. Oh, I like it and very much. I hope I didn't give the wrong impression. P.S. Read some Flannery, she was one of the best short story writers anywhere. P.P.S. I went to the artist site and had a look at his work.

  6. His work is going to be in an exhibit at a local Lutheran Church during their art festival. I usually enter something and have done well in the juried show they have - but this year I'm not sure I have anything.

    I'll try to read Flannery.

  7. Terry,
    You might want to start with her spiritual writings. There's a compilation of them, and they are a goldmine.
    If you start with the short stories you might get scared off. She's wild.

  8. Terry, I can't honestly imagine you being scared off by Flannery's fiction which are, in themselves, spiritual writings - a distinction I'm not sure she would favour. The Habit of Being is a collection of her letters. That might be a good place to begin. There is also a wonderful book *The Abbess of Andalusia - Flannery O'Connor's Spiritual Journey* which is not by but about her and contains many excerpts from her letters and a solid introduction to her person and work. She was a deeply contemplative person. Her fiction does surprise and challenge but scare you off...m-m-m I'd give you more credit than that {smile}


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