Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ash Wednesday is not until March 9!

I thought it was this coming Wednesday!  I have more than a week left to drink!  Yay!
Thanks Cath!


  1. That's why my husband bought beer today too! My vice was the pazckis. I can't pass up a filled donut!

  2. You give up liquor for Lent??

    That's about the only thing that gets me through Lent :)

    One year I found giving up coffee for Lent was not the best thing one can do for one's career...


  3. I seriously want to move to Minnesota in the mere hope of possibly being invited to one of Cathy or Terry's parties... joke!

  4. Defend us - Cathy might fly you in - or at least send a broom to pick you up.

    I crack myself up!

  5. 3puddytats-LOL!!

  6. We never have this problem in New Orleans since Mardi Gras is shoved down everyone's throats for about 4 weeks beforehand.

    At work they've replaced the normal Muzak crap with "Mardi Gras music" that includes way too much Zydeco - NEW ORLEANS IS NOT CAJUN, and Zydeco has nothing to do with Mardi Gras! Sorry, had to vent a bit.

    My favorite Ash Wednesday tradition is the NOPD mounting their horses at the stroke of midnight to clear the French Quarter of revelers who by that time are overstaying their welcome. Not really a religious tradition, but it does make me smile.

  7. ROFL!

    Sorry "Defend Us" my broom is in the shop!


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