Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cathy is having a party today....

Most of us aren't going because we are afraid it might be an intervention.  We know how she is.


  1. Oh my gosh..This brings back a few too many college party memories..
    I had a boyfriend with a pantsuit just like that... Good times.

  2. Hon: The party is next Saturday!

    Friends: Do we need further proof that drugs damage your memory than this post by Terry?!?

  3. Oh, LOVE that song! Doesn't Angela look good in those red hot pants?

  4. Yeah, Ter, I almost had another coronary in my panic to call Cath and apologize for missing her 9th annual Fat Saturday Brunch. I've got an extra Basilica calendar if you want one to get yourself organized.

    I wouldn't have been properly ready if it was today because I always like to fast for a couple days before I get to dig into some of her cooking.

  5. Yeah - well The Suburbs got Album of the Year at the Grammy's.


  6. I'm having a snow-shovelling party at my a foot and a half last night...

    Bring your own shovel..I have plenty of brandy and hot cocoa :)


  7. Sara - every time it snows in Utah we get it the next day or so.


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