Friday, January 21, 2011

"I know they are pro-abortion, but I can't help but like them - they are really nice people."

I said that about the Obamas during the nightly news last night.  I know!  I can't believe I can be so easily misled and compromise my morals like that. 
Lord have mercy!


  1. Yes indeed, and that nice Mr Himmler and that nice Mr Goebbels used to sit round the piano with their children and sing Christmas carols, or so I am told.

    I tend not to trust nice people.

  2. They creep me out. Give me Bubba (or preferably Dubya) any day.

  3. Father Joe7:41 AM

    I'm with Left-footer and Catholic Boy on this one, my friend.

  4. Killing you softly, with their song.

  5. Kevin8:07 AM

    I may have to love them but I don't have to like them...

  6. The power of my prayers in action! SMILE

  7. Ding, ding, Nice-A-Roni. Just add water and in seconds you've got, well, nothing substantial that's for sure.

  8. While I am often someone who would feel that, and struggle with loving people with whom I am at complete odds, lifestyle-wise, I have to say, that I can't even stand to hear the president talk. If a speech is aired, I have to turn it off. Heebie jeebies. I just listen to the news coverage after.

  9. Milagro.

    That’s exactly what it is.

    A Miracle.

    During a recent Poll, no one in America could be found to have voted for President Obama.

    Everyone in the country claims to know how evil the man is, but not a single person could be found that voted for him.

    The same thing will happen in the next election, when the PR Companies decide who will be President based on television ads selling their ‘Product’.

    And Americans will do their Patriotic Duty and hate him too.


  10. I'm with Left Footer and Catholic Boy too... thank God I caught myself.

  11. Things too quiet for you, Terry? ;-)

  12. People who advocate for the right to kill other people can be really nice people, so they say. (I could never find myself getting beyond it.)

    You hear people on the news it all the time when they find somebody bludgeoned to death by their next door neighbor who was always so well mannered.

    There's always a temptation to be attracted to the nice qualities of dictators and killers. On the extreme end, there are many people who even thought Hitler, Pol Pot were nice.

    People want to look for reasons to like (or trust) other people - it's a natural instinct.

    What I've always found fascinating about Catholics who do it is that Christ's life in Scripture was so completely the opposite with Herod, Caesar and other lecherous leaders. Maybe in a lot of ways it's about looking in the mirror and thinking how much more "Christ like" we are than Christ and his followers.

    The human spirit can be a peculiar thing!

  13. The devil has to be seductive to be effective.

    One more reason why the head is above the heart.

  14. According to Gavin de Becker's book "The Gift of Fear" the number one comment of rape victims regarding their rapists, "He was so nice."

  15. Whatever else he is, the president is also a devoted husband and father with two innocent little girls. He's terribly wrong about abortion, but so was the former director of a Planned Parenthood, a person who actually earned her living off the blood of aborted babies. Obama is redeemable, just as Abby Johnson was, just as I was. I don't have to support him or his policies to believe that if people spent as much time praying for his conversion as they do making Nazi references, he just might see the light. I'm probably in the minority about what I think. So what else is new, right?

  16. LOL Joyce, I am usually there too! Probably why we get along. :) Though I think my reaction to the president is not hate or dislike even, but fear for our country. O remember saying to mu husband when Mr. Obama win the election, that I thought it may now happen that faithful Catholics and Christians would now begin to stand out in greater relief against the landscape, and have to sharpen up our prayer and fasting.

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  18. Joyce, I'm sure this is something you didn't mean to convey, but your post leaves people with the impression that you believe people pointing out the slaughters of the innocents in the Obama regime trump any redeeming qualities and social graces are not people who pray for souls. I'm sure you wouldn't want to burden righteous people with this kind of false stereotyping.

    Hitler was redeemable too, after all. Caricaturing people crying out for justice in a country falling under his spell as people who were somehow unprayerful people, I don't believe is an accurate portrayal of them.

    Leaders promoting the pathological killing of people they believe are inferior, inconvenient or burdensome are almost always charming. The analogy is a raising of the consciousness of what is going under the regime currently occupying the White House.

  19. Actually, Carol, I lump myself into the category of people who do not pray and fast enough for the current occupant of the White House. However, I hesitate to compare him to Hitler because he hasn't ordered the systematic destruction of human life. In this country, the persons ultimately responsible for taking the life of an unborn child are the child's mother and the abortion provider. We don't have forced abortions and if this is something Obama has proposed, I stand corrected - he would deserve to be lumped into the same category as other brutal dictators. But to date, the decision is soley that of the woman carrying the child. I also don't see a whole lot of difference between Obama and Clinton as presidents. Both tried to enact health care legislation, and Clinton tried to block the ban on partial birth abortion. Clinton also rescinded the same Mexico City policy that Obama did. Perhaps because we didn't have a blogosphere then, I missed the comparisons between the Clinton presidency and the Nazi regime. Most of the attacks I heard on Clinton had to do with his promiscuity and lies. I see a lot of condemnation of the current president as it relates to protecting the unborn, and I'm wondering what purpose it serves if it is not accompanied by pleas for prayer for his conversion. Please show me what I'm missing. Thank you

  20. Joyce,

    May I ask if you are a mother? I ask because your statement that that it is solely the 'responsibility' of the mother who ends up at an abortion clinic is a puzzling.

    The responsibility for how a child ends up being a victim of a madman like Kermit Gosnell is a little more complicated than putting the onus on the mother. The mother is distraught, not in her right mind, frightened, overwhelmed by a challenging situation.

    The mother's conscience has been formed by numerous people before she gets to the clinic. As a Catholic in addition to her parents, she has her priests, her Bishop, her teachers. Some of those people in the last century, through sins of omission, have failed her. The absence of this foundation of Sacramental Grace to guide her in right or wrong, people are looking to secular leaders. These leaders have a tremendous amount of responsibility in the guidance of moral thought. They provide these thoughts in the public square, in our schools, in the media, etc.

    The President is the highest ranking member of this hierarchy in our country. He very much influences how many people get hoodwinked into believing at a moment of crisis that the child in their womb is a punishment from God for having sex and should be disposed of, how many people get one for free, how many middle income people get sucked into the poverty level because more and more of their paycheck goes into paying for Obamas agenda. This has tangible consequences in the number of deaths.

    To my knowledge, Hitler was not there shuffling people onto the trains and into the ovens either.
    He merely influenced thought, created and funded policies and created law.

    When people respond to others who want to see the Obamas as nice people and make an analogy of the the President to Hitler, they are not saying he is a military dictator mandating exterminations.

    They are calling your awareness to the role of a public leader to influence thought,our children's education, policies, programs, law and the consequences of the Obamas who are leading our children to see the unborn as "punishments for sex" in a woman's womb. A role he shared with Hitler.

    Many people who led Jews and Christians into the ovens under Hitler's regime thought they were eliminating burdens on society.

    As uncomfortable as it is to say it out loud, there have been over 50 million children massacred by Americans who want to overlook a politicians convictions on public policies to find his redeeming qualities.

    Whether he is personally redeemable has nothing to do with people who find it reprehensible to look the other way at the policies of the Obamas that kill because he pats little children on the head and bows to lecherous and murdering dictators.

    It is important to remind people about prayer but the revolution has begun. It is something out of a CS Lewis novel to imply insurgents of this regime who don't and won't look the other way at the killing fields are somehow are not as nice or prayerful people as people who want to focus on their social graces and charm.

    Please forgive my sensitivity to your post. I am grateful for the reminders to pray, But, I find it is also necessary to respond to the ludicrous stereotyping that people who cannot and will not look the other way are people who don't pray for the conversion of sinners.

  21. Carol
    I responded to you earlier, and for some reason the comment didn't go through. I'm going to take that as a sign that I need not to continue this discussion. The answer to your motherhood question is contained on my own blog on the thread I posted this morning.


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  23. Thank you for reminding me I could check your profile and read a bit of your lovely blog to discover more about you. I understand more now about the reasons why you weighed in on redemption.

    When an activist discusses prying out a tempter amongst other Catholics they believe know our faith, they presume everyone in the room believes in redemption because we are products of it ourselves. We think it's understood that we all wear a crown of thorns about some misdeed we convinced ourselves and others were good for us that ultimately separated us from God. Contraception, sexual temptations, etc.

    The doctrine of compassion is complex. Activists don't lack compassion, we are fueled by it. We are acutely aware that there is a timing to compassion that is critical to saving people from being hoodwinked into constructive permission that actually acts to keep people separated from God.

    Do you know how many years I was hoodwinked into believing my rebellion on the teaching of contraception (and practice of it) was accepted by the Church with a nudge and a wink? About a decade. In those years, people who misappropriated the timing of compassion were actually feeding my rebellion against God and His Church. I was, literally, kept away from a state of Grace all those years by people who were enabling me to believe I could go on doing what I wanted to do. Giving me compassion and redemption while I was doing it robbed me of a state of Grace.
    Judgment gets thrown way off base. Luckily my choices were limited because I was married and raising a family - can't get into too much trouble -- but nonetheless, I made some doozies. Others are less fortunate when they are robbed of this grace. They can talk themselves into reckless behavior.

    The timing of compassion and redemption (not always but mostly) needs to be limited to after repentance. We can be kind and loving - but it's an injustice to characterize people who are bringing down a fiefdom that promotes the killing of innocents and their messiah as people who don't pray or work for redemption.

    Does that help explain where activists are coming from?

    I admire your honesty and bravery. I come to this forum because Terry's temperament is so radically different from my own yet he is 100% committed to the work of salvation. It helps me to see things from his perspective and gives me insight to the signals I am not equipped to see or understand. When I offer my own, it's an effort to break the stereotyping and put an end to the myths that are creating ill will and division. I took the time to explain this so when you read what I write, you will understand where it is coming from too.

    In Christ.

  24. Thank you Carol, I appreciate your explanation. I never doubted that you are working for redemption. And yes, the kind of compassion that could send us to Hell is really no compassion at all.
    God Bless!

  25. Millions of legal abortions took place during the Regan presidency, and during the years both the Bushes were in office.

  26. Maureen, your comment isn't gelling.

    Is your point no matter how much a President of the United States works for the sanctification of life, women will continue have abortions?

    Would it matter to you if presidential candidate thought people with disabilities can be euthanized? Would that be reason enough for you not to vote for him or would socialized medicine and ten dollars more in your paycheck a week from a tax cut be so important to you that you could overlook his agenda to lobby euthanizing people with disabilities on Capitol Hill?

    Let's put aside the policies advocating murder - how would you feel if he thought Catholic priests were violate discrimination laws when they preach about homosexuality and lobbied to have them imprisoned.

    Would that be offensive enough to you as a Catholic to stop singing 'yes we can' with the village idiots?

    I am outraged that Catholics make excuses for this man and those like him that have cost over 50 million babies their lives.

    I'm honestly trying to understand it because I can't wrap my head around how killing babies isn't something that outrages every single Catholic.

    People are always going to find ways to murder adults. We don't have facilities to take them to so the murders can be done safely. Yet anyway. They are inching towards it with socialized medicine but God, in His Mercy, has given us a chance to stand up and fight for life and our country.

    Here's what's factual. With Reagan and the Bushes, there was a steady decline in the abortion rate. Since the day Obama was elected, the first time in about 20 years the decline in abortion rates came to a screeching halt. You can't have the leader of a country advocate for killing whatever he perceives as burdens and punishments from God and not have the people in that country inch towards spiritual, intellectual and physical chaos. God has never permitted an empire to mock an alienate Him as Americans are doing now.

    Not too long ago, Catholic Bishops and priests felt safe being out in the public square standing beside and lobbying for pro baby-killing politicians. We successfully drove that underground about ten years ago. Using moles and exposing the connections they were making underground, we have been successful in cutting that cord completely.

    We have been working on making it very difficult if not impossible for Catholic lay people do lobby for pro baby killing politicians and we will especially focus on that in the 2012 election.

  27. Carol -- I wrote

    "Millions of legal abortions took place during the Regan presidency, and during the years both the Bushes were in office."

    That is exactly what I wrote. However, I will add this -- abortions have taken place before Obama was ELECTED to office, and abortions will continue to take place after he leaves office.

  28. My first comment here, and I am glad to see the comment window display "avoid ad hominem attacks"; use charity.

    That was precisely the method Joyce gently used at the militancy of another commentor, to her written words.
    Galations 5:22 came alive by Joyce as she exhibited the Fruit of The Spirit: "Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Godness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, and SELF-CONTROL". It was a refreshing response, exhibiting the character of Christ.

    Maureen's comment gelled very well to readers, and again, an ad hominem came along.
    But Maureen spoke truth; indeed, had she added whole truth and nothing but the truth, a declaration of abortion numbers would include fact. Abortion numbers peaked decades ago, and have been falling since. The current rate is 8 women per 1000 fewer than the all time high.

    The decline has occurred regardless of president in the moment.

    But the blogger policy on attack is superceded by the Word of God.

    Romans 13 tells us about the government:

    Romans 13
    Submission to the Authorities

    "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. FOR THERE IS NO AUTHORITY EXCEPT FROM GOD, AND THOSE THAT EXIST HAVE BEEN INSTITUTED BY GOD.
    For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, FOR HE IS GOD'S SERVANT FOR YOUR GOOD.
    But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience. For because of this you also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers of God, attending to this very thing. Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed."
    ---Romans 13:1-7

    [All CAPS by me, for emphasis.]
    The government is instituted by God, and we are to be in obedience to what he establishes.

    The Word of God supercedes the word of any commentor anywhere.

    When Moses wanted to see God, God told him to hide in a rock cleft, and view Him as he passed, as man will die if he sees the Lord. Moses turned, and lived. He saw the trail of God's glory.

    Later, God spoke again, to another.

    "The LORD said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by.”

    Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind.
    After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake.
    After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a GENTLE WHISPER.
    When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave.

    Then a voice said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”
    ---1Kings 19:11-13

    Seeking God means obedience to his Word and appointed authority. And if you want to discuss HIS choices, stay away from the earthquake style of discussion, the shattering winds, and the fires of speech. God is found in a GENTLE WHISPER.

    We often give up on people; Bin Laden, Obama, your ex spouse, abortionists and the women who have them, and more.

    Unlike us, God DOES NOT give up quickly on these people. He came to seek and save the lost. He is slow to anger.

    May He forgive us as we stumble, while trying to do the same.

    It is fine by God to like the Obama family.
    He told us "Love one another".

    It is fine by God to like the Obama family.
    He told us "Love your enemies".

    It is REQUIRED to obey the authority of President, since he was instituted in the God.

  29. Maureen,

    I think I get what you're saying now. You're apathetic to whether the country legislates killing infants because people will always kill infants.

    What I don't get is why this apathy doesn't translate into legislating the legal right to shoot politicians. People are going to find ways to shoot them, right? So why not lift the prohibitions?

    Thanks Keystone -- I gotcha. Its ok to love the Klu Klux Klan? People wearing sheets on their heads are just people who stumble. God forgives them. Love your enemies. Love Bin Ladin and Obama because God elected them and so therefore God makes it a requirement to obey his authority.

    I think I'm going to need some more Valentine's day cards.

  30. While I am grateful for your "Thanks", Carol....
    there is no need to thank me, but only thank Our Father in heaven.

    I have only expressed the word of His Son, Jesus Christ.
    Love one another.
    Love your enemies.
    If the Ku Klux Klan falls within that parameter for you, by all means, send love.

    I am not familiar with Jesus on Valentine's Cards, as it is love for a day, whereas I think he meant love always.

    In a post on Obama and abortion, this has strayed from topic too far for me.

    I have come for fellowship, learning, sharing, and growth.
    Even on hot topics, that should be possible.

    But I leave after readings, with a twinge feeling, that you have a belligerance to many opinions.

    One of satan's most effective tactics to divide believers in Jesus Christ is to get them to take an offense.

    Since I do not know you, nor your blog, it is incumbant on me to NOT advance the kingdom of satan, by creating offense with you.

    To the extent that has occurred by any of my words, I apologize.
    Believers do not quarrel with one another...particularly at Abbey-Roads. The opening Proverb states precisely that.

    Dominos vobiscum.

  31. Keystone,

    This conversation is about a president who believes in the right to kill people. Earlier this week hundreds of bodies of dead babies who were delivery alive and killed afterward by stabbing them in the neck withscizzors and cutting their spinal cord. The president is on the record as saying infants born alive in aan abortionist office can be killed this way.

    This doesn't bother Maureen. Sshe wants to believe that a president who would even advocate for killing live babies is the same thing as electing a president who signed a ban on the procedure. I am here to be on record to say that people who promote the right to kill other people or are indifferent to it is what is satanic.

    If Maureens feelings are hurt by my blunt description of what she wants to believe is acceptable,this is not my intention but better her feelings get hurt than sitting silent as she advocates for indifference.

    somebody has abused scripture to convince you that Jesus Christ does not divide His flock. This is a very sad thing to see because it seems to have obliterated your ability to detect which is good and which is evil and ayou have landed on the wrong side with the chaff.

  32. p.s. The emotion I have in telling you these things is filial love. It is not hatred. We are no more called to love Obama than Christ loved Herod. He is trying to kill Christ. A murderer and liar from the beginning. You don't love the devil or his works and it is the antithesis of Christianity to say we don't rise and speak the truth in the face of it. We are martyrs. Our. God hangs from a crucifix. He does not sit on a throne singing cities about peace. Peace,peace,when there is no peace.

    God bless you!

  33. Well Carol,

    You are worth more than many sparrows to Christ and to me.
    So my comment is split, to reach all of your worth.

    I admire that you are back on topic. What you state on the president, and his stance on abortion, is true.

    Amazingly, he would be impeached if he failed to follow the law of the land. Note that he is NOT impeached.

    Energy targeted against the man, when it is the law which allows abortion, is wasted.

    Morality is in the domain of churches, not politics. And our churches have failed all moral litmus tests in stopping abortion, heart by heart.

    You want peace, peace, peace?
    Then you must die and go to heaven, for the Book of John is replete with Jesus Christ final prayers to the Father, leaving His disciples in the world....promising NO peace there.

    Filial love does not feel like a fist full of razor blades scrunched against me. Your word choices do.

    And Maureen is capable of speaking for herself, AND entitled to her opinion. You are not the author of all that is right and just.

    You are the accuser.
    You place ad hominem attack at will on any, against the stated policy of the blogger, and the decency of commentary. That is a sin.

    For a gal worked up (correctly) about sin, please do not add to the multitude of commissions, by way of word choice in dialog.

    All in the land are familiar with abortion and the technique. It is truly a sin; and truly white noise in the discussion.

    Abortion will be dented when the church gets back to preaching morals, to an immoral generation.

    We do NOT serve a God on a crucifix. We serve a God who is Resurrected.

    In the final days, clamoring occurs at the Gates of Heaven, with shouts of "lord! Lord! Let us in. Don't you recognize me?"

    He responds:
    "Get away from Me! I NEVER knew you".

    He is not speaking to heathens. He is speaking to believers...notice they call Him "Lord".
    Notice He tells them "I never knew you".

    So people can think they are serving the Lord mightily, by word, action, deeds, and there He ends up on the last day saying
    "Get away from me. I never knew you".

    Maureen appears to me to be a believer in Christ. He dwells within her.

    It is loathsome to you that Christ is within babies and people murder babies (ie, kill Christ as you note). But you can not see the same Christ in Maureen, being murdered by your words.

    Peter tells us to always be prepared to give the reason for our hope. But DO SO with gentleness and respect.

    Carol says, "excuse me Peter, you are full of crap. We have baby killers down here, and this is going to stop if I scream loud enough".

    Indeed, you judge folks, aligning myself with the chaff.
    Such judgment is not appreciated, not true, and assumes the duties of the Father....HE is the judge of all.

    I urge you to step back from your tactics of marginalization to all views that do not align with your vehemence.

    Did Christ love Herod, as you premise now? I don't know, but I suspect yes, for he also loved Judas.

    The eternal Christ who always was, is, and will be, inserted Himself inside the dimension of time for 33 years or so. It was the time of both Herod and Judas.
    Given the nature of Christ to love one another, even your enemies, I suspect He did love both of those men, despite their murderous ways.

    Gold, frankincense, and mhyrr are rather unusual baby gifts, but the Father in heaven knew his Son would be a fugitive from the law on day one. The step dad Joseph, could hardly be running a carpenter's shop when he has to run all over the globe, sheltering God's son from harm. So the baby gifts came in handy to be sold for food and shelter.

    God supplied what was needed BEFORE it was needed to protect His son from baby murder.

  34. Sparrow 2:

    He supplied Christ with angelic ministry when he sweated drops of blood (recorded in only one of four Gospels)for another murder would take place that night, the crucifiction.

    That was the murder of Keystone, and Maureen, and Carol, and Terry and anyone else who disqualified themselves from presence in the holiness of God, due to sin.
    We are all murderers in different ways.

    My caution is the vehemence and vitriol seem natural to you as a tool on the abortion issue, but they do not represent a follower of Christ, giving the reason for their hope with gentleness and respect.

    Please reflect on doing oh, so much, for Him, only to possibly hear on the final day:
    "get away from Me. I never knew you".

    The words will be given by Jesus Christ to people who believe they are correct believers.

    Reexamine that there is no possible way to be among them.
    I often do this myself.

    And yes, I recognize Christ crucified, but I follow Christ Risen.

    Ask God to supply you with gold of wisdom, frankincense of discernment, and mhyrr of His love to anoint all you meet in person, or in cyber, BEFORE you even meet them, in order that baby deaths be impossible for them, after they hear you speak, or read what you write.

    These will be words of love and grace, just as Christ showed us who believe.

    In this way, the gate will not be shut on the many you bring into the kingdom on His behalf, with gentleness and respect.

    There is only ONE sin that can not be forgiven per Christ. That sin is not abortion.

    If God can forgive, and we do not, we set ourselves to a higher standard than God.
    Such pride is satanic....and he was also one who had the gates of heaven slammed shut, and tossed out like a bolt of lightning.

    Call Him Lord in your endeavors.
    But make sure He KNOWS you in the process, or it is all for naught.

    Given your passion, I pray that He redirects your ability to undermine abortion, in a way that has never entered another human mind before, and that it come to pass, the Holy Spirit makes that plan powerful and effective.

    The current route being used is outside those parameters.

    I can never become worthy, for at the end of the day, my list of new sins rises. But His grace is sufficient for me and I pray also that the same grace finds Christ saying on the last days "Enter Keystone; You I know".

    Distinguish who is calling Him lord now, and He does not know them. Then pray for them.
    Vitriolic finger pointing has never worked on the abortion issue, and makes people dig in on their stance.

    A gentle whisper is in order.
    May He provide that gift to you, along with your passion, to finally make a difference, in a way only God can conceive.
    I suspect He will if you ask him.

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  36. Keystone,

    I've been in your shoes brother. When Popes and good priests said this or that about errors about the teachings of the Church, it hurt my feelings. Eventually, by God's grace, I understood they were serving the Lord above all else -- and had concern about my soul. This is the greatest kind of love their is.

    There are too many who are concerned about people's opinions and feelings and they have lost their way from the truth. When they hear it, it cuts like a knife.

    If Obama thought everyone named Keystone was a burden upon socieity and worked his political people and policies to take them to safe facilities to have them executed, you would be crying out for help and righteous people to speak out about it.

    If Maureen came along and said people named Keystone were killed before the Obamas and what of it, you would be outraged at her indifference.

    When people stepped forward to let Maureen know this is America and we are finished with an administration promoting death to keystones, the last thing you would be wasting your time doing right now is telling me I am not fit to enter Heaven and what I am doing is satanic or hurting Maureens feelings.

    Surely you see the madness in it.

    I am not responsible for people whose feelings are bruised when I say that pro-lifers are finished with Catholic lay people standing up to sell complacency and tolerance of the murders of Christ's children or idolizing the people sending others to their deaths.

    The man is standing in that office because people in this country were willing to stand up and go to war for his right to live his life free man and he soft pedals the rights to kill infants?

    Where does he think he would be if safe slavery was a founding principle in this country.

    Killing infants will not be tolerated in this nation. We are finished with it. It is over. By Christ and with Christ.

    Christ does not only gently whisper, he takes a whip to the Temple. He says "get behind me satan" when speaking to His own Apostles. You don't know the man.

    God bless you!

  37. “…We do NOT serve a God on a crucifix. We serve a God who is Resurrected…”

    Very Protestant of you.

    We Roman Catholics do not worship images; we adore and worship God, especially in the Blessed Sacrament.

    That thing you probably refer to as a ‘cookie, or cracker’.

    The birth of Christ does nothing. His resurrection does nothing.

    His death upon the cross does it all.

    Without the crucifix, there is no salvation. Without the crucifix, there is no Church.

    We wear and place in our homes and businesses crucifixes to remind us of our salvation, and shows our constant devotion to God. Because of this, every one of us knows who he is, and what God expects us to be.

    It represents our belief in God made man.

    “…Gold, frankincense, and myrrh are rather unusual baby gifts,…”

    God brought manna down from Heaven.

    He feeds all the birds of the air, and fish of the ocean.

    The Magi were former followers of Satan, and as such were at war against Heaven until their ancestors were told by an angel to turn back from the battle and await a sign from Heaven that would lead them to the new born saviour.

    The gifts they brought were just trinkets.

    Christ saw in their hearts their respect and devotion to Him, and accepted their heart felt gifts.

    I checked your profile to determine whether you are a man or woman so I could make further comments to you. Sometimes people have names like Jupiter and become androgynous.

    Never argue with a woman; she will drag you down to her level and beat you through experience.

    Don't slam the righteous women; take a run at me.

    You have my permission.


  38. Carol,
    "You have been in my shoes brother"
    "No you don't know the man".

    Your first sentence is succinctly summed in your final sentence.

    You have no clue how abortion or any other issue has touched my life.

    But that has happened before.
    You attempted to impale "The Little Way" with the same sWORDS.

    And in her gentle, discerning response, she left the aroma of Christ on these pages.

    Wisely, you followed that aroma and read Joyce's blog, and changed your tune. But the damage was done. Your sWORDS remain on the page for all to see above.
    The accuser!
    The accuser!
    Quickly with all who write here,
    the Accuser!
    Christ caried His message for all, and never joined hands with The Accuser.

    Your goal is noble.
    Your method is time tested as ineffective. My words were to reflect on a new approach to the same problem.
    If we are unable to convince one another as believers in Jesus Christ, how will the unity exist to convince nonbelievers of the abomination called abortion?
    We need input from God, on why abortion continues, and what He wants us to do.
    Righteous militancy has been a failure.

    As for the pretender to the throne named Saint Michael, following you Carol, here we find another accuser, taking great aim to throw fiery darts at the Christ within me.
    Light is an easier target to hit than darkness.

    My background to speak on Christian issues took place at "The Little Way" when I went to her home to find the aroma of Christ still in fragrance.

    St. Michael, you just hippity hop over there too and read before you critique my credentials to speak.

    Having watched change from Pius XII, to John XXIII, to Paul VI, to John Paul I, and John Paul II and Benedict XVI, I am aware of the dramatic leap forward of centuries in a single lifetime.

    In a trip to the Holy Land last year, I visited all the spots Christ visited. Gethsemane has not changed; indeed the olive trees (a sign of peace in the City of Peace...Jeru salem; City Shalom)
    date back over 2,000 years. Though younger and thinner, Christ undoubtably saw them.

    The Via Dolorosa would make you cry, for the carnival place atmosphere on the very spot where His blood shed.

    But in the cave, where suspected the real Resurrection site may be, it is written of that moment, "He isn't here". He is Risen.

    The God to whom we all refer to as Lord, has stepped outside the dimension of time once again, and returned to the Father.
    (When you pronounce the creed next time, you will note He sits at the right hand of the Father)

    When I sat and spoke with the Bishop last Christmas Eve, and told him it was his finest homily for Christmas Eve to date, I left him with "Dominos vobiscum".
    His eyes lit up.

    I leave you with the same Saint Michael....Dominos vobiscum.
    Assumptions on people invariably expose the fiery hothead of a Peter, rather than the gentle persuasions of an Andrew, known as the Bringer, for he brought his brother Peter to meet the Messiah; he brought the boy with loaves and fishes, for a miracle. He was a "bringer".

    Peter, the hothead, ended up sifted by satan and denied His Christ thrice.

    Since everyone at this table is in agreement with the need to end abortion, our variance is in the method to "bring" this about.

    Perhaps a prayer to St. Andrew would be a good start.
    Pray for discernment, for Andrew was quick to discern the Messiah.
    And perhaps pray for the Risen Christ, who by creed sits at the right hand of the Father, send the true Archangel to battle the demonic issue of abortion.

    That battle belongs to the Lord. For we do not know what to do, so we place our eyes on you, Lord.

  39. Michael,


    That's what I'm talking about!


    You have gone on now for several posts, mischaracterizing me, the Catholic religion, the righteousness of prying out a murderer and a liar and those who wish to defend his honor.

    People such as yourself who try to make righteous people evil and maliscious are responsible for Joyce's misunderstanding - which we now have straightened out. She understands that righteousness and redemption are symbiotic, that one does not exclude the other. You have done terrible damage to Christ's Church and the unity and good will among His people teaching this skullduggery.

    You don't know your feelings and opinions from truth of those of us who sacrifice our feelings when human rights violations end in the massacres of the flesh. You don't mind the murderers or their accomplishes flourishing, you are off in com boxes telling righteous people they are of satan.

    Your ignorance of Christ is causing terrible damage to people's understanding of righteousness and redemption and you are ultimatedly driving people away from Christ.

    You are the accuser, that's the irony of it all!

  40. Carol,

    You MUST be right.

    Otherwise, all who were in discussion with you would still be in discussion.

    I think I will join them on the current post of UNITY.

    Thanks for your filial fellowship.

    The Little Way has written she does not get involved in these type mischaracterizations.
    That is on her blog.

    I now see the wisdom of her statement.

    Nice meeting you. :D

  41. You are most welcome.
    I am pleased to serve the Lord and the victims of abortion.


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