Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catholic Spiritual Direction

I found a real Catholic blog with with real Catholic spiritual director priests.  It is called Catholic Spiritual Direction.  Looks good to me.


  1. michael r.8:19 AM

    Looks good to me, too. I look forward to exploring there. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Terry. :)

  3. Forget when in 2010 I first saw this but lost the link so, thanks.

  4. It does look quite good. Thanks much, Terry.

  5. Great find. I think I will link to their page from mine. With Sts. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross as contributors, how could they go wrong?

    Don't know if you have ever visited Clerical Reform, Father S's blog. Even though it's written for priests, I still ask Father questions from time to time and he is always gracious, never denigrating. I love to hear him talk about the school children and the joy that it gives him to minister to them and interact with them and their families, many of who are dirt poor. Pray for more priests like him.

  6. Clare Krishan11:31 AM

    Sorry to play Devil's advocate here (I'm as needy of spiritual direction as the rest surely) BUT -- and its a big BUT full of reservations and obstacles to overcome -- these are Legion of Christ priests, and they're soliciting funds... Patrick Madrid posted about their flagship newspaper changing hands (to EWTN it later transpired)

    so please do be careful, LC does not have a tradition of respecting dignity of conscience (their spiritual direction patrimony is very warped due to their peculiar vow of 'charity' to Maciel)

    I learnt more from Fr Christopher Jamison's good introduction to what he calls "8 thoughts" (monastic wisdom on the will and how to discern spirits) a book called Finding Happiness, he's the Abbot who participated in a BBC TV reality show on religious experience, and again here:

    its vicarious viewing of course ie the spectator's soul isn't the one being saved, but we can be edified none the less and led in the right direction!


  7. Clare Krishan11:45 AM

    For those who enjoy parsing the finer gradations of vices and sin without inventing new terms like "root sins" (that blog's eponymous category
    which is rather too Jansenist in its confidence at categorizing us into (flat) sinful boxes for my liking)
    Plato's perfection of spheres is more to my taste ie evil is nothing really, it's simply absence of the good.

    Antony Esolen's footnotes to his new translation of Dante's Divine Comedy are another great place to indulge ones searching senses before jumping over the precipice into the arms of a spiritual director you know nothing about (yes you can "recruit" him or her, interview the candidate for spiritual director for their POV before you waste a lot of time and energy being "lost"... )

    Dante uses scripture and prayer to shine a light on how God wants us to purge ourselves of all that holds us back from climbing into his arms, and he does it by painting wonderful memorable images in our minds eyes, not obscure and confusing screeds on


  8. Clare Krishan11:53 AM

    His latest book
    "Ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child"

    sounds like a keeper also!

    And if that whet's your appetite, then you may have the kind of intellect that will enjoy this bon mot by D. C. Schindler:
    “The imagination is where the world
    can have a sort of spiritual home in us, and for that same reason is what allows us to have a home in the world.”

    yes thwarting imagination is iconoclasm and that's what Jansenists like the LCs are so very good at...


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