Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I am sorry I haven't been able to respond to comments because I have been painting all morning.  I will be at adoration for the rest of the afternoon.




  1. Daaaaaaaadddd - Angela won't shaaaaaaarre!!! Make her shaaaaarrrre!!

  2. michael r.1:20 PM

    Yeah, dad, they're tearing the place up.

    I just noticed a little blurb on your sidebar that's probably been there forever....about putting your Liberace records I just saw where Michael Douglas is going to play Liberace in a film. That should provide plenty of fun in these parts. I can hardly wait. It does remind me of a homily that the pastor of the cathedral here delivered some time ago. He contrasted the lives of Liberace and Andrew Carnegie...I kid you not! Liberace died and left warehouses of gorgeous junk...while Carnegie left piles of money for good causes, etc. I guess I found it strangely hilarious; apart from being inappropriate for a homily.

  3. But the great tragedy is that the Liberace museum is closing due to lack of interest. Apparently they're shutting down, warehousing the goods and hoping for...I don't know what.

  4. "But the great tragedy is that the Liberace museum is closing due to lack of interest. Apparently they're shutting down, warehousing the goods and hoping for...I don't know what."

    whooahhhh boy. I wouldn't touch that one with a ten foot pole.


    I have three well-behaved children who use tongue-in-cheek humor to diffuse situations too. We tend to laugh at ourselves in response to it though so I guess we might not be that well-behaved after all.

    You know, last night, I saw that Michael Voris talked about prudence and I rushed over thinking "here we go, just what the doctor ordered!" Have you seen it? It wasn't what I expected.

    Then today, I read Deal Hudson's piece on being divisive and John Zmirak's piece on the Pope's new book on Inside Catholic. Seems like a gal can't find anything morose out there these days to stamp out the zeal.

    Each Lent, I go between giving up the two vices I have left - chocolate and my sense of humor. My work colleagues, family, friends and readers prefer my giving up chocolate. Even when I'm going out of my way not to be sarcastic, they waste too much time trying to find it.

    I guess the only consolation for today is knowing this bligger never joined the convent?

  5. Oh oh. I just read Simcha Fischer's post today called "no petty virtues".

    It seems Catholic blogosphere has my peeps growing faster than poverty levels and the federal deficit in the Obama administration.

    I feel a blog post coming on but there's a candy cane martini with my name on it at my first official Christmas Party of 2010.

    Seriously, I prayed that your time in front of our Eucharistic Lord brought you much peace, joy and love.

  6. I like the humor.

    Larry - I sent Angela to Canada.

  7. Daaaad...Marshall is TOUCHING me....

    Hey Terry!!

    Glad to hear that you are painting!!

    I am just spewing hate and discontent wherever I go ..:)
    (I get real cranky when I'm cold...)

    Back to my crocheting...I am trying to finish up a Denver Bronco fleecy blanket for a Christmas gift...crocheting soothes this savage beast :)


    P.S. Vegas dudes...I got a job interview lined up in Las Vegas... Guardian Angel Cathedral is calling me :)

  8. Thanks Dad. She was looking out my car window, too.

  9. i'm putting all my blog commentors in time out. Thanks Terry for raising the bar so high for the rest of us.

  10. Oh, they could have just filmed us over here. What a video.


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