Saturday, December 04, 2010

What I have been doing...

It snowed again poodles!

Overnight we got 10 feet of snow!  (That's a lie!)  So I am busy removing snow and playing with all the neighborhood dogs - we love to run and fetch frisbies in the snow and lick people's faces and roll down hills.

Oh! BTW - I updated Up Your Street with a couple of paintings I've been working on these past few weeks.  Enjoy!  Or not... 
It may also interest you to know that for Advent I'm trying to be very monastic - so I do not open cards or letters until Sunday - sometimes I don't open them until Christmas.  With emails and blog comments, I've decided to do the same - so go crazy if you want to in the combox.  Or not.  Just remember, I will read them on Sunday.  Your cards and gifts I'll save until Christmas.  Kidding - never send me gifts.  Thanks.
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  1. Merry Christmas Terry! (since you won't see this comment for about another 21 days LOL!)

  2. chicken sh*t - lol

  3. Okay - I'll read emails and comments on Sundays.



  4. Thanks for stopping by as I was snowblowing this morning. Can you bring my glove back?

  5. Us Utahns just HAD to share the love with the rest of the US.. :)

    It actually got above 30 degrees here yesterday...

    We still have God's favorite mountains though.. :)


    P.S. For what it worth...road apples scoop up much easier when they are frozen...

  6. So what is the title of this blue painting with a kind of pre-raphaelite feel to it?

  7. So beautiful, Terry! I love the cloud of angels carrying St. Catherine to Mt. Sinai! So ethereal. I want to see the plate when you're done! St. Xenia is absolutely beautiful. The frame is gorgeous too.

  8. Beautiful, Terry! Please tell us about it; is it St. Catherine? I was thinking that it might be the Dormition of Mary.

  9. Okay, duh, I should have clicked the link first! It is St. Catherine. It is even more beautiful on Up Your Street.

  10. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.


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