Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7th Day of the Christmas Novena

Ransom captive Israel...
A long time ago, I went on pilgrimage, with very little money and hardly any provisions - just a change of clothes.  I was on my way to a Camaldolese hermitage to be a monk, so I thought.  I had left the world only a few months prior to my trip - all on fire with spiritual fervor.  I left behind friends and family - so I thought - although later I understood that the pilgrimage was not meant to be definitive... 
Anyway, while on the bus - I had decided not to hitchhike in the southern states and so I rode a Greyhound bus part of the way - I met a guy around my age, seated next to me.  He reminded me of my little brother, although he was kind of hillbilly, or so I thought.  We talked.  He noticed I prayed my rosary and asked me about it.  We talked well into the night about God and Jesus.  Then he fell asleep - his head falling upon my shoulder.  I didn't know what to do at first - then I fell asleep too.  I awoke the next morning and he was gone - he must have got off the bus during the night without waking me.  That was such a lonely feeling.
Oh my Jesus, you came down from the bosom of the Father, homeless, friendless and forsaken, for our salvation.  Our faith embraces you in the disguise of your weakness, your humility and poverty, and we behold with great delight the new light of your glory...  Oh Divine Infant Jesus, open our hearts to the penetrating gaze of your merciful love - grant us your mercy and the healing we seek and need - or if it be your will, leave us as we are - only grant us your salvation, and free us from the power of sin and death.  Amen.


  1. Fr Joe6:07 AM

    His angels visit us in such strange ways, Terry, and then leave us with a thirst for Him. Our hearts are restless . . .

  2. Terry: Waht a beautiful prayer. Fr. Hardon reminds us the the Christ child came helpless, dependent and destitute...

  3. Dear Terry

    Many thanks for your kind comments over the year

    Can I also thank you and express my great appreciation for all the hard work and effort which you put into your blog which I read daily. You have great courage. I do not think that I could be quite so open and honest publicly and I can only admire and respect you for your opinions and the way you express them

    I hope you will continue with the same verve in the coming year

    Can I also wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Good New Year and hope that you, your family friends have the same

    I shall be (weather and car permitting) in an internet free part of Scotland over the Christmas period until after the New Year

    Best wishes


  4. elisabeta5:05 PM

    Internet free? How good is that! Is it also phone/cell, TV, radio, CD player free? And how about microwave free. Sounds very remote and wonderful. And I pray that the gentlewoman has at least a stable for rest until the Infant Jesus, Our Lady and St. Joseph find the work and dwelling that they desire for her.

  5. Hi Terry - I think readers get mixed up as to who is speaking to whom. LOL!

    You are very kind - I have great admiration for your blog as well, and your very good taste is uplifting.

    I would love to be cloistered away in Scotland. A happy Christmas to you my friend!

    United in prayer,


  6. elisabeta2:31 PM

    Mr. Nelson,
    I knew it was a different Terry. I wonder if Scotland will have as much snow. Sometimes nature cloisters us. God is so good.


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