Saturday, November 13, 2010


I woke up to this scene outside my back door this morning, the lilacs bent over from an overnight wet snowfall - the first of the season. Just a day or two ago, it was unseasonably warm - and this morning winter has arrived.
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  1. Well keep it over there, will ya?

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Looks like a scene from a Christmas movie:0)

  3. for a northerer stuck in FloriDAH, it seems to my eyes, too pretty for words. Thanks

  4. what cathy said. i like the cold. but cold & wet - not so much.

  5. Austringer5:30 PM

    We missed it. I guess being 70 miles or so further south is far enough to make a difference.

    Pretty, though. I've always liked it when you post pictures of your yard. Clearly you're an artist with landscaping as well as at an easel!

  6. We've had snow here in Utah off and on for the past three weeks..nothing sticking here although highs are in the mid 30's...the mountains have what I call the "powdered sugar" effect....we also have 3 ski resorts open...

    bbbrr.. too cold :(

    I'll be whining for the next 5 months..hunker down and shiver...the worst part is driving in the stuff..I have good fairies that clear away the snow (mostly)..


  7. Stupid global warming...I mean climate change...I mean climate disruption...I mean BUSH'S FAULT!!!


  8. Lots of cars in ditches today.


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