Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Bishop's Husband...

I'm not trying to be a jerk here - but Vicki Gene Robinson, the 'married' gay, non-celibate Episcopal 'bishop' is resigning to be with his 'husband'.  Kind of like the ill fated Duke and Duchess of Windsor tale - 'resigning for the man I love.'  Kinda, sorta.  I do not like weakness in kings and prelates, call me old fashioned.  More seriously, Robinson suggests/hints, at all the trouble his appointment as bishop caused as another factor for his resignation - which will only be effective in 2 years. 
Why didn't he stop and think about all the drama he would cause before it came to this?  Oh wait, maybe he did.
.- Citing the toll that worldwide publicity has taken on his “marriage” and on New Hampshire Episcopalians, Gene Robinson – the first openly homosexual man to become a bishop of the Episcopal Church – announced on Nov. 6 that he will begin a two-year process of resigning from his diocese. - Read the rest here.

Top photo:  Gene Robinson.
Bottom photo:  Husband and husband.


  1. It's kinda sad just watching the Anglican Communion spiral totally out of control as they are whipped up by the Zeitgeist. It's like Satan run rampant and they don't even realize it, 'cause they forgot he exists. I have no contempt for such people - I really do pity them.

    Reminds of when "Bishop" Margot Käßmann was elected head of the German Lutheran Church - she bought all the favorite liberal themes, to the point of taking a strong "Christian" stance and decrying all soldiers as sinful aggressors, including those who fought against the Nazis in her own Germany. Yet she's totally cool with sodomy.

    A few months later she lost her job because she got caught drunk driving. She was still a media darling because the was the "right" kind of Christian. At the "Ecumenical Day" in 2010 she gave a speech in the Catholic Cathedral of Munich in which she called the Pill a "gift from God" to raucous applause.

    I was simply astounded at the lack of charity in doing so, since what she was doing was a provocation to her hosts. And when Berlin is a majority Turkish city in the next few decades, let's see how people feel then.

  2. I hope his ex-wife and kids are doing well and enjoying their lives. They deserve it.

  3. "They do their damage and leave".

    If any one were interested in the theme, a book the size of War&Peace could be written on this topic related to the church.

    30 years ago in the seminary a guy found a slab of priceless marble from the old high altar which was salvaged from the hammers of the seminarians circa 1970. He turned it into a coffee table. On it was placed the daily newspapers, coffee mugs and of course the ubiquitous cigarette ashtrays overflowing with butts. The carved Maltese crosses filled with stinking ashes. Next September, "Freddie" was no longer there. He went to join a different group of all men's club.

    As I look at that silly photo, all I can think of is: they do their irreparable damage .... and just walk ... away.

  4. If you think he and the guy he's with are sick, how sick are his followers?


  5. Thanks Larry - I forgot to mention he's divorced from his first real wife and kids. What a freaking example.

  6. My head is literally spinning...this is so bizarre and surreal...Jesus, take the wheel!

  7. Two years? Why can't he just throw himself a retirement party and go?

  8. The Wikipedia background was very insightful; a typical situation of someone who is deeply conflicted and who should never have been given any kind of leadership in any kind of Christian organization.
    While compassion might override any real kind of criticism, the fact remains, the Word of God, understood throughout the centuries, does not, in any way, shape or form condone same-sex unions; nor does it condone same-sex genital acts.
    Compassion is for the person; not the acts nor the lifestyle.
    This man does not, evidently, understand the Divine Revelation in this regard. We cannot change things to suit people's proclivities; we must love them and help them to embrace the Cross.
    And this includes all kinds of heterosexual sins and aberrations, as well.
    Chastity, purity is a call for all of us as followers of the Lord Jesus in His Gospel. Loving is one thing; embracing sin is another.

  9. Well after this avalanche of negative criticism, allow me as an ordinary Episcopalian to say that Gene Robinson has been a fine bishop who is loved by his flock in New Hampshire. By all indications they are sorry to see him retire.

    Gene's former wife and children are happy that he has found a loving, long-lasting and happy relationship with Mark. Gene and his wife did NOT divorce over Mark, and he did not leave his wife and children in the lurch for anyone. The divorce was by mutual agreement allowable under the canon law of The Episcopal Church.

    Just because your church might have different rules for marriage or sexual ethics or you have a different interpretation of the Bible is no reason to to dump such invective and scorn on those of another faith tradition.

  10. LeoRufus and ChakaKhan9:49 AM

    well it is obvious who is "the bottom" in that duo.

  11. LOL! I heard they were going to do a film based on "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" but it will be renamed, "Honey, I Shrunk the Anglican Communion".


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