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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nadine Brown: Archbishop Lucas responds.

Once again Diane at Te Deum is on top of this story, printing the actual statement of the Archbishop of Omaha accompanied by her own good commentary on the matter.  It is a serious matter, and the Archbishop is demonstrating deep compassionate pastoral care for the many former members of the Intercessors as well as the Companions of the Lamb.  As this case evolves it seems clear that doctrinal issues posed a real concern to the archdiocesan authorities, and the Archbishop seems intent upon reforming former members towards a 'deeper and more profound appreciation of the charism of intercessory prayer.'
Excerpt from the archbishop's letter:

Many of you have had questions over the past few days on the use of books written by Nadine Brown and on the use of other media that contain her teachings. Prior to the suppression of the Intercessors I appointed a trustee to govern the community and help them work on a variety of issues and concerns that had been raised as the result of an official visitation I conducted of the community. One of the tasks I gave to the trustee was to review these teachings for theological accuracy and conformity to the teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church. As a result of the suppression this review has not taken place. It is therefore not possible to state that the teachings of Nadine Brown are free of doctrinal error.

As we move forward I am asking that former companions and all Catholics refrain from using any materials and websites associated with Nadine Brown and all other material provided by the former Intercessor community. I also ask that you cease “group discernments”. However, if you decide to continue to meet with your prayer group, I encourage you to offer prayers of intercession for the needs of priests, for the former Intercessors in community discernment, and for our Holy Father’s intentions. I also encourage you to study the Catechism of the Catholic Church with special attention given to Part IV: Christian Prayer. If you continue to meet in your prayer groups I ask that you do so under the guidance of your Bishop or local pastor.
With best wishes and prayers I am
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend George J. Lucas, Archbishop of Omaha
Continue reading Diane's post for more details and a letter from former Intercessors to "Lay Companions"


  1. Nice font color ;)

  2. The "thick plottens":-)!
    Oh *&^%~!
    What next?
    This is just getting more and more bizarre.
    I cannot, even my most rebellious moments and my desire to kill somebody, even fathom thumbing my nose at my bishop...even in a horrid mood...even with REASON to do it!
    This is scary; and I pray that our Lady will intervene in all of this, because souls are at risk here.

  3. This is one reason my serious reading is focused on the doctors of the church.

  4. Diane makes a good point on her blog about reading material that IS 'approved' by the Church.

    READ THE SAINTS! There's more than enough gripping drama, amazing grace, and riveting history to fill your days/weeks/months and they make better spiritual directors than our contemporaries and peers! Time's too short and precious to waste on "dubious material."

    Or stick with these 'time-tested' wise words your Mom or Grandma used to say re: "left-overs" in the fridge: "When in doubt, through it out!"


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