Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The end of Bourgie, Bourgie...

The new homeless.
Did anyone watch the 60 Minutes piece Unemployment and the "99ers"  The 99 week extension for unemployment benefits is coming to an end.


  1. I can't believe none of my readers cared about this. I even provided music.

  2. Terry Dahlin..

    Don't even get me started...I personally think the prolonged unemployment benefits just made people should read the crappy resumes we got from the past few job postings...go to Job Services..learn how to do a resume page... not a bunch of crap..tailor to the job you're applying for, scannable, and save a copy to text format and make sure it doesn't look like crap. Minimum qualifications mean just that....if I say I require a Masters don't tell me you're working on your GED but "I'm a quick learner." If the position is full time don't tell me you can only work 30 hours a week because you have to take kids to school etc. If you have certifications make sure they are kept up to if you have a CDL do what it takes to keep it's not up to my company to reup your CDL. And don't lie about smoking weed on the WILL show up on a piss test..

    But it does seem like people have plenty of money out there, no sympathy on my part....I can't even find someone to housesit my cats while I'm away on business..because YEAH I'm not going to pay you $20 a day for 15 minutes of work when the kennel charges a third of that..

    Yeah folks--BIG surprise..the $30/hour job with no high school diploma are gone FOREVER...get training, get certified, get degrees, and stay CURRENT on latest trends...and learn how to use Microsoft Office..there are plenty of FREE courses on the Internet.

    I'm done....Sara

  3. Oh yeah--a couple more things while we're on ther are many folks seeking jobs for various reasons...

    If you MUST have a free email account, don't have an addy like is only impressive in the porn industry and leads nothing to professionalism. We often do preliminary interviews by telephone..have your resume close by--preferably the one you sent to me--and a quiet available area with no kids screaming in the back ground....again think professionalism. WILL ask you questions off your resume,and if the answer are vague or they don't jive...well..thank you for your time. Also when you submit resumes do a followup, and assume we chuck all resumes at the end of six months (we do). We don't clutter our files with hopefuls when position opens up 6 months or a year from then most folks have moved on...usually literally. And do have a friend help you with interview outfit...dress for next level, shave, haircut, neatly put together. Bring an extra shirt in case you get caught in the rain or fall in the mud. I'm going to narrow job applicant down to possible 10 to interview...and in order to get the job you REALLY have to sgtandout and impress. Please don't answer your phone in the middle of YOUR interview. That basically says that your personal life is more important than the company's time...and I really don't give a crap about your personal life.

    Any more questions ask away..the main thing to keep in mind is that if you're unemployed..searching for a job is your NEW job...and unless you are on walkabout you should dedicate 8-9 hours a day on job hunt/prep. The ones who prepare definitely stand out from the ones who don't.



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