Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Intercessors of the Lamb: Making a comeback?

You can't be holier than the Church.
Diane at Te Deum discovered that the Intercessor's website is back up and running, with the announcement  that a statement from their Foundress is forthcoming.   And of course they are asking for donations - as Paul told Tomothy, "there's great gain in religion..."  The website is Intercessors of the Lamb Inc..  Diane wonders if it presages a schism.  I'm not sure a fringe organization can create their own formal schism, can they? 
At this point - if it turns out they are pushing the restart button - I think they would simply become  another renegade group acting in defiance of the Archbishop.  Their disobedience could well earn them an excommunication - but I doubt they will claim to be the true Catholic Church and thereby end up in formal schism.  I don't know canon law of course - but I suspect all of this is much more complicated than we know.  For one thing, the consecrated religious have been laicized - so they would be organizing or incorporating as lay persons - not even using the name 'Catholic'.  It will be interesting to see what develops.
Thanks again to Diane for keeping us informed on this matter.


  1. I think a key is the top line of the page where they say "Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc.". As Diane pointed out that is the corporate board title.
    Another key is that they talk about forming "ALL Christians".
    I suspect that whatever is brewing they are going to avoid calling themselves Catholic at this point so as to avoid appearing to be defying the Archbishop.
    I will definitely be interesting to see what happens.
    As an aside, I noticed that Spirit Daily had this disclaimer up Monday: "Note: Michael Brown and Mother Nadine Brown, recently in the news, are not related".

  2. There was an update overnight.

    The note looks like it was put out rather quickly because it is not on letterhead, and did not use the "Inc" in the statement.

    Then again, the only "Intercessors of the Lamb" left, is the corporation.

    I have updated my original post.

    Watch the bellwether site today, and the Archdiocese site. I probably won't be able to post until tonight.

    What makes this particularly troubling is that there were some 3000 "lay companions" around the world, and the bellwether website claims to be sending out mail to them. Hopefully, the archdiocese has all of those addresses, as well.

    The statement reminds people that the "lay companions" were never recognized by the Church. These people need to keep an eye on this page at the Archdiocese of Omaha for information.


  3. Thanks, Mr. Terry.
    And thanks especially to you, Diane. Many, many thanks and prayers.
    I am spiritual director to a former "IOL companion" prayer group;
    we are now going to study and contemplate "The Way of Perfection" by St. Teresa of Avila (there is a new study version by ICS, for which I am ever grateful); they are doing well, just wanting to continue to be formed as "intercessors" in the Catholic Church...these developments are disturbing, to say the least.
    I'll be watching very carefully.
    God is good; He never abandons His faithful, even if we have to endure darkness, confusion and just plain nuttiness...
    Jesus, only Jesus in His Church!

  4. Alas, in my regular state of mind, I would not even say this...really.
    If anyone, anybody wants to donate any kind of help to an Association of the Faithful that is truly struggling, is under the direct jurisdiction of the local bishop, who received approbation and erection from Cardinal-elect Burke; we would most certainly appreciate your assistance, help and prayers.
    We are struggling mightily; we don't a have Texas billionaire to subsidize our life; far from it.
    And that's okay.
    But if anyone who wants to assist a struggling contemplative community that also includes formation for laity and diocesan priests, we would be most grateful for your help, love and support.
    We just want to live on our property, pray the Divine Office, celebrate Holy Mass, and work to support ourselves.
    And the Devil is making this so very difficult.
    Thanks, Mr. Terry. And y'all.


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