Thursday, October 07, 2010

Good Habits - Bad Habits: Good Habits

A friend suggested I post some photos of women's religious habits I actually like.  (Sorry - I didn't note the order.)


  1. The "habit thing" in the Latin/Western Church is just have to somehow be "singular"...that's what brought on all these crazy "innovations"...
    in Eastern Christianity/Catholicism, you wore a simple black/dark habit and were known by the Monastery of which you belonged or the Rule (only a few, I believe), by which you lived.
    Habits are habits...they're only supposed to be a sign of the Kingdom..."teal"...???

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    what's wrong with teal? or with that helmet-like habit of Brigittine, and other "odd habits?" Are habits meant to satisfy our eyes?

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  4. Terry ~ You do realize the nuns in the 1st pic don't go around sporting a wreath of roses on their heads and carrying Walmart-sized candles, don't you?

    And the light-grey ones, they always blend in so you don't see them.

    And the ones with the white veils and heart symbols for the Sacred Heart...yeah, they mistaken for deer footprints in the snow during MN deer hunting season so hunters pass right by them all the time, except when they notice the red-clad photographers with them.

    Just sayin'.

  5. Anon ~ OK, deep breath - have a sense of humor, OK? It won't hurt you!

  6. "Clothe me, O Lord"

    This is the cry of Priest to Heaven.

    The Nuns with flowers on their head are professing their vows.

    Clerical attire drives Satan and his pals crazy.

    The Nuns at Campaing, France, were made to dress in civilian clothes for their beheading. Divine Providence made them wear their Habits.

    God wanted his spouses dreesed in the manner He wanted.

    Great photos, Mr. Terry.

    God be with you.

    You are a suffering soul.


  7. How can I post my picture here?

    (C'mon, don't tell me you don't love our Franciscan habit!)


  8. Pablo - thank you.

    Br. William - Seriously, I was going to post the OFM habit as an example of a good men's habit - I still will probably do so, with a couple of other habits.

  9. The top one is my favorite, if I could be a nun, I would so want to wear that habit. And wear the flowers everyday :)

  10. Religeuses Victimes du Sacre Coeur (Marseilles)

    Community of St John

    Petites Soeurs de la Consolation du Sacre Coeur et de la Sainte Face

    (hope I've got all the vowels in the right place!)

  11. With the habits vanishing in the streets, Faith vanished as well.
    The seculars want your faith to be private, invisible within your four walls, they can rule the world and worship their Golden Calf,..the Shareholder Value.

  12. Oh for more Signs of the Sacred in this too secular world ! God bless the Religious who show that Consecration everyday by their habit and their lives!


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