Thursday, October 07, 2010

Breaking News: Religion really IS the problem.

"War broke out in heaven..." - Revelation 12:7
Religious people are so on the defensive these days.  A few days ago I told you I was being blamed for Taylor Clementi's suicide - because I'm Catholic and support Catholic teaching on homosexuality - Catholic teaching does NOT condone suicide or gay bashing BTW.  (Very different from the Fred Phelps' version of Christianity.)  Still other pundits are blaming Christianity as well.
That said, it is obvious that religion is part of the problem...  Why else would the non-believers attack religion if it did not pose a problem for them?  I'm not addressing the issue of bullying and suicide so much as I'm responding to the claim that wars and persecutions and other evils in life have all been waged because of religious differences, intolerance, etc..  There is a level of truth to that.  After all, it is God's creation and God's world - and there are innumerable people from every walk of life in this world, and demons as well, trying to screw it up.  We in the Church Militant are engaged in a cosmic battle between good and evil.  If the enemies of religion had their way and were able to eliminate religion - the result would be tyranny and enslavement, and the world would be no better for it. 
So the next time some relative or friend or co-worker tells you - "religion has caused more wars and whatever..."  Just say, "Yeah!  I know!"

Pray your Rosary.

Art:  Our Lady of the Rosary At the Battle of Lepanto.  Believe me - Lepanto was ALL about religion.


  1. Pray the Rosary- Check

    Fred Phelps is an embarrassment to Kansans, christians and God.
    I heard one of his prayers a month or so ago and it was shocking the kinda crap he prays for. He curses people really and he's full of hate. The guy slays me and we Kansans are sick of hearing about him.

    There's a group gathering over on facebook that plans on protesting at his funeral.

  2. The Phelps family was on Nightline last night - I'm thinking Fred is insane and the rest of the family is brainwashed - they remind me of the Mormon fundamentalists. My dad's mother - my grandmother was quite a bit like these folks - not kidding.

  3. I know your not kidding.

    My extended family isn't a laughing matter either.
    As a matter of fact I'm writing about those fun fundamentalists as we speak.

    I keep catching my self writing the words "crazy ass" but then I dutifully delete them. I need to try harder to avoid the things I have to confess.


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