Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Saving the Blessed Sacrament in Madison.

I picked up this photo from Fr. Z's blog.  It shows firefighters rescuing the Blessed Sacrament from the fire which burned down the Cathedral of St. Raphael at Madison, Wisconsin in 2005.  Bp. Morlino told Fr. Z that no one would let him into the wreckage to retrieve the Blessed Sacrament.  The Bishop then found some Catholic firefighters who rescued the ciborium and luna containing the Blessed Sacrament from the ruins. - Story and more photos here.


  1. That's a beautiful and moving photo. At first I thought it was a painting.

  2. Nevermind...it is a painting; I should have read the link first.

  3. Melody - I actually thought this was a photo myself - thanks.

  4. I often worry about our Lord, present in the Blessed Sacramament in our Oratory...a half an hour from where we presently live...I pray He will be spared from any profanation or fire...what a wondrous act of faith of these firemen...such a witness of faith in our Lord's presence praised in the Blessed Sacrament!
    May He be loved and adored in His Sacramental Presence! May these men be blessed for their heroic and wondrous act of belief in the Real Presence. We love You, Lord Jesus!

  5. There aren't many pictures like this, but there are a lot of similar stories, often of priests, nuns, parishioners, firefighters, or police officers going in to do it during a fire. I know three just from here in Toledo.
    If someone had the time to do research in newspapers and parish histories all over the country, it would make a good book.


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