Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Did Our Lady Really Give the Rosary to St. Dominic?

Yes she did.


  1. And thank Her, our dear Lord, and the Eternal Father for such a wondrous gift as the Rosary...the prayer of saints!

  2. On another religious note--

    A young man in my Calculus class this morning was wearing his Brown Scapular OUTSIDE his shirt this morning..

    Now mind you--this is UTAH...where about 95 percent of the college students are Mormon...

    the young lady sitting behind him asked him about it and he had a very nice explaination about the Brown Scapular and our Blessed Mother...the young lady was obviously LDS and you could just see her eyes glaze over...

    I caught him after class and thank him for wearing his scapular and witnessing for Our Lady.

    He simled and said thank you and said "I sure don't get many dates." I am also starting to see more and more young people wearing rosaries around their neck when out and about. What a witness that is here in Utah...especially for teenagers who are so susceptable to peer pressure and not wanting to seem different.

    Please pray for him and all of our brave young people being active witnesses for our faith.


  3. Sara - I think that is cool too. There was a photo of Mel Gibson from around the time of filming The Christ sporting a small capular peeking over his t-shirt - I thought that was cool. I think wearing a rosary around the neck is cool too - I just read some chancery someplace came out with a statement saying the rosary is not jewelry. How do they know people are not wearing them out of devotion. Seems to me there are other doctrinal issues chanceries need to be concerned about than that.


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