Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alternatives to the mantilla: Scarves and hats!


  1. None of those would look good on me. Except for perhaps Thurston's cravat. What would Fr Z say about a cravat?

  2. Covering the head during Mass is about modesty and submission to God. What does fashion serve again? Just sayin.

  3. Great fashion posts, as usual! LOL! ;)

  4. My pick is the last one...you know, Chloris Leachmann...reminds me of my dear Mum who wore a nurse's cap until the decadent '80s...
    Nurses' caps...now that was a real "symbol" and they gave it all up for "jammies' and the most outrageous voluminous atrocities...I've been in the hospital recently...I'm appalled.
    Bring back the starched nurses' cap, uniform (in white, thank you very much), pins, white hosiery, white shoes...
    I don't want some "jamma baby" givin' me shots and doing God knows what...I want a REAL nurse, dammit!!:-)!

  5. I'm with Nazareth priest. Bring back the real nurses...

  6. NP: You need a real nurse, dammit!

    LOL, ROFL!

    I couldn't help myself! You know I love you Fr. NP!

  7. Hm. Mantilla says, "I'm in church."

    Hat or scarf says, "I'm trying to look like Grace Kelly/Audrey Hepburn/Nurse Ratched, and I don't."

  8. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Terry --you are TOO funny.My Mother always wore a scarf a la Audrey and Jacklie. Ultra feminine, don't you think?

    Padre: Remember when girls were girls. LOL. I work in a hospital. Believe me, the Attendings have to tell male med students, for heavens sake, that no, you can't wear sandals in the summner



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