Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Question about praying for the "Conversion of England".

Can we?  Should we?
Can we, or even should we pray for the "conversion" of England (Anglican church) when we are currently told not to pray for the "conversion" of Russia (Orthodox Church) nor the "conversion" of the Jews?


  1. Terry:

    Our Lady of Fatima asked us to pray for Russia, and we're still doing that. When I pray for Russia, my prayer is usually, "that they'll turn from secularism, embrace the Orthodox and Catholic Faith, and that the Orthodox Church will be re-united to full communion with the Successor of Peter.

    Our Liturgy on Good Friday prays for the Jews in this way:

    Let us also pray for the Jews: That our God and Lord may illuminate their hearts, that they acknowledge Jesus Christ is the Savior of all men.

    (Let us pray. Kneel. Rise.)

    Almighty and eternal God, who want that all men be saved and come to the recognition of the truth, propitiously grant that even as the fullness of the peoples enters your Church, all Israel be saved. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

    So with that said: surely, then, we can pray for the conversion of Our Lady's Dowry, dear England.

    (Not to mention the Anglicans).

  2. Blessed Mother says "Yes" :) Hey thanks for restoring your comments. Now I can bug you again . How's the panda? did you check your mail ? note: I only sent it because you took away your comments .

  3. Jackie - I didn't get the panda email - I checked my spam and it wasn't there either? Sorry!

    Yes - comments will stay up - that's what blogging is about - sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Oh another Jackie?
    Perhaps I should be Jacqui? lol

  5. Jews are our elder brothers and conventionally part of the family.

    Orthodox Church are our other brothers and continentally part of the family.

    Anglicans aren't even fully Protestant so if they don't like come home totally they're fried?

    Maybe you should ask this convert

    Sorry, I'm just a useless ex-pentecostal-protestant so I don't know nothin'

    word verification: "hogsess"

  6. Heck, according to some Catholycs, we aren't even supposed to pray for our OWN conversion! Only for the conversion of the pope, the hierarchy, the Vatican,...

  7. I am catholic and I pray for the conversion of the whole world

    If you aren't Jackie with an e you aren't a True Jackie :P . There is always room for more Jackie's :D

  8. Pray for 'em all, I say! And don't forget to pray for yourselves as well.

  9. I only ask because once at a Catholic University nearby a priest lost a teaching position pretty much because he said that prayer for the conversion of the Jews is still valid.

  10. Jacqui - yes, the French suits you.

  11. In the 1950’s after Mass, the Saint Michael prayer would be said after the Priest would state the conversion of Russia was part of praying it.

    No embellishing, no long winded liberal self-satisfying reasons why, just serious prayer.

    Some of the good old days weren’t too shabby.


  12. I think it's always appropriate to pray for another person's good, for whatever is God's will in their life. That may very well be for their conversion to Catholicism. Or God may have reasons for them to remain where they are. But He can figure that out. And I can commend them to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    And as others have said, it's good to pray for the whole world, including ourselves.

  13. You better believe we should pray for the conversion of England!
    Our Lady's Dowry.
    As for the rest: absolutely.
    And, while we're at it, we should pray for our own conversion...mine is need of help right now:<)!

  14. Mine too Father - the original intent of this post was irony. Another one bites the dust I see. LOL!

  15. Oh, no, dearest one...
    point taken!!:<)!

  16. And my comment wasn't matchingly silly enough? I should just delete it

  17. Don't get like me Owen!

  18. This is very interesting and poignant, from an Orthodox prelate addressed to Anglicans...maybe we should read it, meditate upon it and do some "soul searching":


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