Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Pope in Britain: Live Webcast

Click here for live webcast:  Live Feed.  It is very edifying to watch.
Thanks to Lead Kindly Light blog.


  1. wow, thanks. This is fantastic!!

  2. Just finished watching the live Mass from Scotland...edifying is just right...the Holy Mass and the music were just beautiful.

  3. The music was in large part ... I was going to say abysmal, but that would be dignifying it! It was the aural equivalent of the pictures they used to put up in McDonalds. What did they do with that last hymn at the end? And the muzak at communion? (before the gaelic kiddy choir) o man.

    Och well, that's weegies for you I suppose.

  4. What was wrong with the music?
    I'm lost here...any Mass in most American parishes would be much, much worse...elaborate?

  5. It's hip to bitch about Papal masses.

    Which is really funny if you think about it.


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