Wednesday, May 05, 2010

That's all.


  1. Must have been some good Kool-Aid.

  2. Veni, creator spiritus!

    And all that jazz.

  3. Been there, done that -- got out because it was getting just so weird. While a member of a prayer group, made a major mistake that almost cost me my marriage. Thank God that didn't happen! There are some good things about charismatic worship, but many pitfalls. Lots of cracks for evil and lunacy to slip into.

  4. Looks like a photo of a "die in".

    Not for me.

  5. Funny how it always comes back to "feeling good."

    They don't cry in the spirit now do they?
    It floors me that they deny any sort of personal suffering on their part but it's "A"- Okay for Jesus to suffer for them just so long as they "feel good."

  6. Austringer3:45 PM

    OK, help me out here -- when I saw this photo, I assumed it was a protest sort of thing -- a "die-in", and I thought the guy in the blue shirt was maybe a cop.

    After I read the other comments here, I took a second, closer look, and so what I took to be a gun in a holster on his belt turns out to be something else, probably a link to his microphone. Yeah, I hadn't looked very closely the first time.

    But I'm still confused: just what is this? I gather from the comments that this is some kind of prayer thing...what is this, exactly?

  7. This is a photo from Larry's management meeting - he used to be an HR manager.

    Seriously - it's a prayer meeting and these people were slayed in the spirit or drunk in the spirit.

    I'd love to be drunk right now.

  8. Mr T. "I'd love to be drunk right now. ??"

    - but only if it's organic and fairly traded. hahahaha

  9. Hmmmm.... Maybe I'll have to ask Father if he has the POWER to slay me in the spirit--I would like to know what it felt like--nah, he would probably just slap me upside the back of the head for even asking :) I'll leave these acts in the hands of the Protestants, the quiet silent way our Lord enters my heart is MUCH better than laying on a polyester carpet with some guy standing over me.

  10. This is a photo from Larry's management meeting - he used to be an HR manager.

    That's right - I would then hire the "last man standing".

    Terry, you crack me up as much as I do!

  11. I did that once!
    Too much vodka, beer and whatever!:<)
    A LOOOOONG timago...really long...really!


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