Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The loveliest thought...

On death.
"The Pontiff noted that in dying we achieve the "most profound desire of mankind," being reunited with God." - Homily for the funeral of Cardinal Paul Augustin Mayer. - CNA
Doesn't that set your heart on fire? 
Fired with love's urgent longings...


  1. Yes, it does.
    I had a recent experience of not knowing if I might, in fact, be in danger of dying.
    It was all peace; God's gift, not anything from me, not at all.
    And, I'm okay now (I think!).
    Thanks, Terry.
    Most moving and profound.

  2. Yes Mr.T , but with Christ it sure doesn't take much to set my heart a blaze! If only he would glance my way or have an after thought about me. That would be enough to satiate me.

    Father, I've found those experiences to be the coolest ones of my life and the most painful.

    Prayers for you Father...
    Please pray for my Kate. Her education is up in the air and she has no friends. She has prayed for your sister and had asked me how she was doing... I couldn't believe it. I thought the only person who she ever thought of was herself. The holy spirit is constantly chastizing me. God bless you and Mr.T.

  3. Father - I hope you are doing okay now - praying for you and your sister and her daughter too.

    Belinda praying for you and Kate and the family too.

  4. Oh my gosh--yes it does!

  5. belinda and Terry: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    My sister is undergoing chemo right now (with some complications) but she seems to be doing okay and we just hope for the best.
    Please tell your daughter, belinda, that her prayers and concern are most appreciated.

  6. Belinda,

    How old is your Kate? I have a 17 year old daughter who was part homeschooled/part went to school abroad. Send me an email: gmn1660@aol.com

    Love and prayers,


    I'm so glad you are OK. We need good ones like you in this world, so dont' go anywhere too soon.

    Also keeping your dear sister and her family in my prayers.


  7. "[T]he 'most profound desire of mankind,' being reunited with God.

    Doesn't that set your heart on fire?"

    Indeed it does. It also reminds me of the opening lines of St. Augustine's Confessions.

  8. BTW, don't you just love monks with beards? I think I like them so much because in appearance, they look like someone who is closer to the times of Jesus' ministry here on earth. Very "biblical" perhaps.

  9. You guys are such an awesome bunch of prayer warriors...

    I ask for prayers on behalf of a coworker...Please pray for my coworker Jan..she is a breast cancer survivor…however we believe that the cancer has returned…she is only in her early 50’s..she is also a fallen-away Catholic and joined the “Born Again”movement a few years back...I pray that if nothing else that she can receive Last Sacraments…

    God Bless, Sara

  10. Nathan8:41 AM

    Terry, thanks for the reference to St John of the Cross. Now I have something good to meditate on today. Ah, the sheer grace!

    In Christ,

  11. Dear Gette, I will email you as soon as I am able. Thank you so much.

  12. Y'all:
    Took my sister to chemo today...she's running a temp (a bad sign) but got antibiotics...she's just a trooper...she just wants to be at our niece's First Holy Communion on Sunday...she's not even Catholic (!).
    I am so sad today, seeing her suffer, without any hair on her head,
    suffering a fever, in pain,swollen in her hands and her legs...
    I wish I was stronger.
    Please pray for her; and for all in our family.
    I am so sad today.
    Jesus, help me!

  13. I know this is awful, but I wish it was ME who was undergoing all of this instead of my sister; she has suffered so much in her life...I wish I could take away the pain...

  14. Father I'm so sorry for the pain your sister and your family has to go through. Your such a blessing to your family. (To bloggers too)

    Wanting to take your sisters pain doesn't sound awful at all but rather saintly... I hope that someday Kates siblings can feel the same way for her.

    I will pray harder for you and your family today.

  15. Father, Kate wants to know if your Catholic and if you have a facebook?

  16. Fr. - continuing to pray.


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