Thursday, April 22, 2010

SNAP out of it!

At first I thought Larry of Acts of the Apostacy was writing about the educational bend and snap scene from Legally Blonde and I was pretty sure he had snapped - until I read his post...
There's a website called "Put The Pope In Jail" that hawks merchandise with a jailed pope theme. According to the site, all proceeds from the sale of merchandise go directly to SNAP.  Despicable.  I've emailed the directors of SNAP.  Read more SNAPped  (Larry also has photos of the merchandise - too distasteful to show on this blog.)
Update 4/22:  Evidently the organization SNAP had nothing to do with this enterprize.


  1. "Bend and snap"LOL!
    I'm dyin' here!
    If only the SNAP folks were that funny;
    they're just plain nasty.
    Terry, I think you should send them this reminder of "bend and snap", maybe not...

  2. LOL! You know, at one point I thought about incorporating that into my post. I like that movie.

    As it turns out, the site is not affiliated with SNAP (per the site owner, and he's issued a disclaimer there saying so), and I've apologized to SNAP for presuming they were somehow involved.

    Heh - my word verification is "oreal".

  3. I will remove the link to SNAP then.


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