Saturday, April 24, 2010

Environ-mental redux.

Everyone on the blog circuit has probably seen this footage already - I'm always the last to get these things - but I was moved, deeply, deeply moved.

Oh go ahead Fr. Erik, Larry D, Cathy and Ray, send your militia goons after me - get Digi to prosecute me for caring!  Man I'm cryin' inside.

Seriously - the destruction of the rain forest is evil and the Pope agrees with me.

People - there are humongous plastic garbage swirls in the middle of the ocean!

Can you hear my scream?

I don't know when reality begins!


  1. I've spent some time in the rainforests in Central and South america..they are just amazing...nothing like 99 degrees and 99 percent humidity--when it isn't raining..

    And everyone should make a trip to see the Redwoods in Northern CA..indescribable...those trees DO have souls :)

    My mom is definitely the hard-core tree hugger...she could relate to the clip..

    Now if they could only come up with a recyclable kitty litter that is not offensive to my very fussy felines..


  2. P.S. the Sun is actually SHINING today and 55 degrees....will hang my freshly washed sheets out in the sunshine to dry..nothing like line-dried sheets, they smell so nice.. :)


  3. You think you know someone, and then...bam! Something like this happens.

    This is tough to take.

  4. I'm not sure why having some kind of recognition for environmental concerns is something to poke fun at. Perhaps this video, replete with nonsense and extremism, is the reason.

    I'm not a tree-hugger or a Greenpeace enthusiast, but I do have general concerns about the environment and the impact pollutants have on the planet. It's very basic and commonsense for me (these concerns) and NOT based on some new-age quackery or earth worship. If looked along those lines, why are we trivializing them completely?

    Remember: "God saw all he had made, and indeed it was very good." ~ Genesis 1:31

  5. What Tom in Vegas said.

    Stewardship, and all that.
    That means not letting a big humongous island of garbage pollute a large area of the oceans.
    Plus, it's just dizzgusting.

  6. Tom - you win - I am serious - although the video is over the top. That said when I saw spots on the news about the plastic islands in the oceans around the world, I felt concern - just as I do about the forests in Central and South America and elsewhere in the world.

    I'm not a PETA person, a tree hugger, but I share a lot of those concerns. As you know by now - I mix it up a bit over here at Abbey-Roads when I write on a topic.

  7. "As you know by now - I mix it up a bit over here at Abbey-Roads when I write on a topic."

    I know, Terry:0) I'm actually referring to other bloggers who dismiss ANY and ALL environmental concerns as nonsense.


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