Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is a serious request for donations.

Please help Kat (Crescat) get to Malta to see the Pope next month... she has special needs you know.  Donate here.  (If she gets there this year we won't have to go through this begging thing again next year.)
Photo:  Kat in her nurses uniform.


  1. You're the funniest man in the world.

  2. Aceman11:06 AM

    Is she going to try to see the Bishop of Rome and the "Pope" of Rome as well? ;-)

  3. Austringer1:22 PM

    Man, that outfit looks uncomfortable...

  4. If you want us to help, Kat, why are you posting that photo of me?

  5. Cath - my eyesight is getting bad - I thought the snood was a nurses cap. Oh - it's a turban, didn't know that.

  6. Terry, you're too funny. You better hope you don't get sick some day and end up at Kat's hospital!


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