Sunday, March 07, 2010

Godspell - Day By Day

Call me crazy - but I still love this. Remember how it was when you first fell in Love with Christ? The intense joy and how you couldn't think of anyone or anything else?


  1. I was OBSESSED. The flickering flame of my faith became a raging inferno. I'd lay awake at night just so I could get more "thinking about God time" in. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  2. I so love this song, you can't help but have a smile on your face when you sing it...another all time favorite is "Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There is a Season)" by the Byrds..

    And what a difference we could make in this world if us Christians make a tiny little effort each day to live the message of this song..instead of stressing that the Latin was conjgated improperly or a translation isn't absolutely "word-on"...

    I also remember being a young girl in the 70's and running down to the beach to play, and the hippies would paint my face and weave flowers into my hair..I'd return home and my mom would be so mad.. :) I guess I'll always be a hippie at heart :)


  3. Ah, the '70's...high school...we sang this in our choir.
    Never saw the movie.
    If only we could actually have put this into practice: "to see Thee more clearly, love Thee more dearly, follow Thee more nearly"...instead, all kinds of disruption, infidelity, disobedience...
    and (now I'm being a crab!) if they had kept this our of Holy Mass...the prayer is beautiful, but really, isn't the Mass enough?

  4. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Ok Terry, this may be why you are single....just kidding... Sr. Petra

  5. Maria8:29 PM

    Oh,I am SO old. Angela, you made me laugh. I am still in love...

  6. Dear Mr.Terry, I too have a song that I'm quite fond of. Once when I heard it I felt as though Christ were speaking directly to me. It was the first time I ever felt the love of Christ in return and when it happened it changed my brain. When I hear it it still turns me to mush.

    Last Thursday as I was filled with intense anxiety I asked God to comfort me and I heard the same song on the radio. The anxiety melted away and has been a bit better ever since.

    I didn't know how to post about my experience without sounding like a "dork" and it's really cool that you threw caution to the wind and posted your song!!

    Once, I heard "my" song in the grocery store and as it played I asked the checker to stop and listen to it with me. I told her about the love that Christ has for each of us (for her) and that the depth of his love is incomprehensable.

    I nearly had her in tears as I spoke to her........ I'm such a dork. Who does that??


    Ignore the girly stuff and the mullet as I ignored the white boy wearing the "fro" with the freaky heart shaped birth mark on his forehead.

    I already know it's dorky, so hush up mister.hahahaha

  7. It is stuff like this that makes me grateful I am a convert and was spared 70s-80s CCD. (Well, it is better than Superstar, but that aint sayin much.)

  8. LOL! I was hoping you'd have something to add Father.


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