Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is creepy.

I don't know about you.
It is probably just me, but I think this is a creepy photo.  Now my dad liked to kiss us kids on the lips and maybe that is why I think parent/child kissing on the lips is gross.  I never, ever kissed my parents on the lips - I always turned my cheek as my dad's wet open mouth descended upon my face.  Gross!  As an adult, I rarely, if ever, kissed my parents  - yes, and my dad tried to kiss me on the lips as an adult and we got into a big argument as to why I thought that was inappropriate.  Hugs were okay if there was no butt-cheek grabbing; and if a kiss had to be made, it was a quick one on a facial cheek.  Real quick like.  Ohhhhh!  Shudder.
My dad's lips/mouth looked like Ted Haggard's.  I know!

Top Photo: Tiger kissing his mother.
Bottom Photo: My dad's mouth.


  1. In Holland we do three kisses: left cheek, right cheek, left cheek.

    My eldest son hasn't/won't even give me an air kiss on the cheek and hasn't for years. He was very affectionate as a child so I am not sure why he stopped the kissing.

    My youngest son and I do the 3 kiss thing even though this just is NOT done in Canada.

    When I met my in-laws for the first time (after Hubby and I were married) I kissed them on the cheek. I also kissed my new BIL and he looked SHOCKED! I thought "oh-oh I've only known these people 3 minutes and already I am screwing up." BIL got over it though and we are fine but I never made the mistake again. However, thinking that parents are different I kissed my MIL on the cheek when she gave us a wedding gift and then SHE looked shocked! I just couldn't win! So, I stopped kissing everybody unless it was my in-laws when we arrived for our holiday and the day we left. Sheesh! godmother didn't like me kissing the cat even though I told her in all my 4 year old earnestness "I only kissed her on her forhead!"

    Sheesh - it's no wonder I like the band KISS when I was a kid!!!

    (Sorry for hijacking the combox!)

  2. Angela - that is funny. Thanks for the comment.

    Canadians do moose-licks though, right? At least that is what Jim Carrey told me when he licked my face.

  3. I grew up in a very rigid American Protestantm where there was very little personal affection, hardly even hand-holding...we could be perfectly described as "the frozen chosen." :) Although not quite as severe as the Baptists I knew...

    Then I join the military, went for trainingin the Deep South--where everyone I knew was huggy-huggy--that took a bit to get used to--the invasionof "personal space." Then was stationed in West Germany which, like Angela said, was the last of the "three-kiss"..prior to that I had never beenkissed so much in my life :) But not wanting to appear rude I accepted it.

    Then to top it off I was dating a Greek-American for awhile and had the wonderful opportunity to meet his family,..think "My Big Fat Greeki Wedding"..I was practically assaulted..very affectionate people :) His grama was a hoot though, saying that I had "good breeding hips," and already planning on how many babies I was going to was amazing how many people they could cram into that tiny house..but plenty of hospitality..even though we had just met the family treated me like they had know me for a thousand years..

    Now I am reduced to kitty kisses and kitty one old cat though has never learned not to kiss on the mouth..blech.


  4. Ever seen the SNL sketch about the Kissing Family? The Tiger Woods pic on your post reminded of it:0)

    They show it at if you are interested.

  5. I agree on the creepiness. *shudder* I always thought it was because I wasn't raised that way that I thought it was creepy. Maybe I think so because it's creepy.

    It seems to be a poor boundary.

  6. I agree! I never kiss my children on the lips and neither does my administrator. It's just not approprate!

    I was going to blog about it too. I agree with Nan and thought well maybe I'm weird or am repressed or something. I always consider what ever a problem may be that perhaps it's me before I consider that maybe the other guy is really the one who's screwed up.

    I've seen the kissing cousins...
    Angelina Jolie/ brother Jolie and
    Michael Douglas/ Kirk Douglas
    Kiss on the lips and I wanted to hurl...

    To be fair though I do kiss a lot of ass around here. hahahaha

    Even blogger ass a few times. hahahaha ( "ass" isn't really cussing...right??)

  7. Belinda that is hilarious!

  8. Tom... that was... nice. LOL! I never saw that skit before.

  9. I guess family customs differ, but I agree with you that lip-kissing with relatives is gross. My family were cheek and forehead kissers, except for Great-Aunt Hazel who was a lip kisser; and she always wore a gob of really, really red lipstick. I always tried to duck that.
    Reminds me of Lily Tomlin's Edith Ann routine on SNL where she said she "...kissed my dog Buster right on the lips." That's where I draw the line.

  10. When my little ones tried to kiss me on the lips, I'd tell them that my lips were reserved for Daddy (their daddy, not mine) and he was the only one who could kiss them. I think that's a good lesson for little ones. In today's world, it's also a safety issue. Do you want kids to think lip-kissing with adults is okay?

  11. Melody,

    Edith Ann was on Laugh-in.

    I'm old.

  12. Nan - you sure do not look old.

  13. In our family, we just gave each other a sock on the arm, near the shoulder. It went "left-shoulder, right-shoulder, left-shoulder".

    My mom's hurt the most because of the diamond ring.

    Now when I see my parents I just wave.

  14. I like that Larry... a little nod might be special too.

  15. +JMJ+

    Wow! Culture shock!

    Now that I think about it, though, my mother and I haven't kissed on the lips since I was in kindergarten. And though I was happy to kiss my siblings on the lips when they were babies, I haven't done it since . . . well, since any of them were in kindergarten! =P

    Yeah, it's just not done, is it?

  16. Careful there Mr.Larry.

    Family members who wink at one another could be kinda creepy too.

    Of course it would depend upon the context of the conversation.

    ( I don't know how to spell groaning, gagging or hurling sounds)

  17. belinda - re that picture...maybe he accidentally poked himself in the eye with his toothpick.

  18. You know, as uptight as the Irish/English are, we always kissed our parents on the lips as children, even our grandparents.
    It wasn't creepy at all.
    Even as an adult, kissing my parents, albeit on the cheek or sideways/on the mouth is not somehow creepy.
    I guess it's all in the context of the thing.

  19. Father, Maybe it's about the family and some families are just creepier than others.


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