Monday, February 22, 2010

A post without a title.

A couple of thoughts from the Holy Father's book, "Jesus of Nazareth" - BTW, he got that title from the movie.  (I wonder if Zeffirelli could sue?)
"The whole conversation of the second temptation takes the form of a dispute between two Bible scholars.  Remarking on this passage Joachim Gnilka says that the devil presents himself here as a theologian.  The Russian writer Vladimir Soloviev took up this motif in his short story "The Antichrist".  The Antichrist receives an honorary doctorate in theology... and is a great scripture scholar.  Soloviev's portrayal of the Antichrist forcefully expresses his skepticism regarding a certain type of scholarly exegesis current at the time.  This is not a rejection of scholarly biblical interpretation as such, but an eminently salutary and necessary warning against its possible aberrations.  The fact is that scriptural exegesis can become a tool of the Antichrist...  The alleged findings of scholarly exegesis have been used to put together the most dreadful books that destroy the figure of Jesus and dismantle the faith." - Jesus of Nazareth, The Temptations of Jesus.
As we know, scholarly exegesis is currently employed in an attempt to undermine Church teaching on many issues these days, one that comes to mind is the denial that scripture condemns homosexual behavior.
Anyway, don't waste your time looking for the Antichrist, or trying to identify him - be aware instead of the tactics to ensnare believers who count for nothing in the New World Order.
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  1. If I didn't have the guidebook it would be hard going through that book. Not because it's boring - quite the opposite - but because it's so deep!

    I always thought Jesus knew who He was by the time He was 12 and Mary and Joseph found Him in the temple and he asks them why they don't know He needs to be in His Father's hosue.

  2. The sure sign of a great mind and a great teacher is to be able to explain complex subjects very simply. I think Pope Benedict has that pretty well wired.

    As to Jesus not knowing who He was??

    Take consolation in the fact that most the pew potatoes weren't listening anyway.


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