Monday, January 11, 2010

Pray Tell

What?!  A new liturgical blog?  Called Pray Tell?  Worship, wit, and wisdom from Liturgical Press?
Must there be organic continuity in liturgical reform?  Yes, one hears with great emphasis. There can be no disruption in the liturgical life of the church, no “before” and “after” the Council. Liturgies and rituals evolve slowly, like living organisms. Liturgy can’t be “engineered” de novo by experts sitting at their workdesks. “Hermeneutic of continuity” is the slogan of the day.  "Says who?" - Source
I know!
H/T Vox Nova


  1. I saw that site too. Kind of like the anti-New Liturgical Movement.

  2. They do seem to have a goodly number of authorized posters for a two month old blog. Very ambitious.

    I see the names of a couple of "usual suspects", too.

    This might be a good place to exercise one's apologetics styles. The PCV doesn't post enough and MJB is off visiting Ma & Pa.

    [Am I that bad a speller? Why is it two times out of five blogger won't accept my version of the spelling puzzle?]

  3. Terry: I'm trying to practice what you posted in "indiscreet zeal"...okay, here goes.
    I don't understand what this about; really, I don't.
    My liturgical formation has been with the "Spirit of the Liturgy" by Pope Benedict. That is the way to go.
    May Pope Benedict's reforms prosper.I'll say no more:<)!

  4. Father - I don't know either. In one post they refer to the Vatican and the papacy as the "front office".

    Looks to me as if the Pope is more Benedictine than Liturgical Press.

  5. In one post they refer to the Vatican and the papacy as the "front office".

    That would make them what? The back room? The space you've got to walk through to get to the men's room?

    Oh, wait. It's probably a gender neutral "please knock if you feel inclined" room.

  6. This whole thing is just a sham...not "on board" with Pope Benedict...a bunch of "losers".
    Give me a break.
    I went (and spent thousands of $$ thank you very much, many years ago when I was a "sucker" at SJTheology "whatchamacallit")...
    Not bitter, folks; informed. I lived in the "belly of the beast"...I know exactly what goes on there. It's not pretty; no, not at all.


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