Thursday, January 14, 2010

Michelle, my belle...

She is looking beautiful.  New hairdo and nicely dressed too.
No one asked me, but I'm happy with the way the President has responded thus far to the disaster in Haiti.


  1. Pres. O is doing the right thing. Ugh - it was sooo hard to write that! I like M's ensemble but don't care for 3/4 length sleeves - however it looks good on her. OK, that's enough nice stuff about the O's.

    Heh. My word verification is "ogrudgi"

  2. Maria8:27 PM

    Indeed. And absent that horrific girdle she insists upon wearing. So ladylike. I just love it when women still look ladylike, don't you?

    Credit where credit is due, to the chief. Terry, I just couldn't get over the beauty of your adapted prayer--" every where we meet the cross". It is poetry. I am praying the rosary. Terry, what do you think it means to be " poor in spirit", really? The luminous mysteries led me to this question.

  3. Okay, speaking of "crabby priests" (i.e. the post above:<)!)...
    I am happy he is responding to the Haitian crisis...don't get me wrong.
    But the terrorist attacks in Tex and Detroit, not to mention the health care debacle, and other things I cannot think of, do not get his immediate and sustained attention until days (or months afterward)...
    I know, I'm a grump today!

  4. Maria1:08 PM

    I'll say and Ave for you, Padre. LOL.

  5. Father - I'm crabby too.

  6. Maria1:36 PM

    I 'll make that two Aves.

  7. Maria: God Luv Ya! And I mean it!
    Nothin' worse than a "crabby (partially Irish) priest:<)!!"


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