Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Stopped short".

How former free-lance exorcist, Archbishop Milingo fell in love with his wife.
One evening as he was driving Maria Sung home from an exorcism, he had to "stop short"* for a pedestrian crossing the road in front of the Vatican Arms Hotel on the Via Di Porta Cavalleggeri.  The former Archbishop extended his arm to protect Maria from lunging forward, grasping her enormous bosom.  The rest is history, and interestingly enough, included in an episode of "Seinfeld". 


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  2. At 79 years old--he probably has dementia! That's kinda a funny story--about the very large bosom--ROFL! Reality is stranger than fiction.

  3. I'm tempted to make an inappropriate comment, but I'm actually going to refrain!

  4. In the Church, every once in a while someone has a change of heart and decide to take their life in a different direction. I've grown to accept those changes. But I simply have no tolerance for those individuals (namely clergy) who alter their lives with scandal and disrespect. From my perpective, Father Cutie and this former archbishop are indistinguishable.

  5. Tom, Mr. Cutie did have the grace to actually leave the Church before marrying and wasn't promoting married priests so I can distinguish the two situations.

    Tara, I agree with you about the dementia; even if he believes that the priesthood should be married, the Church has never allowed priests to marry, though Sui Juris Catholic churches and the Orthodox ordain married men. Bishops, in particular have always been celibate and how on earth could one believe that a moonie wedding would be valid?

  6. Nan-

    "Mr. Cutie did have the grace..."

    Grace? Really?? As I remember, he got caught philandering with Ruhama Canellis and only AFTER the pictures of their romantic affection were published did he decide “take a moment of reflection” to see which way his life was heading. I would hardly call leaving the Roman Cath. priesthood after getting caught red handed “grace,” but rather cutting your losses. He scandalized himself, the Church, and his parishioners. If you see even a smidgen of grace in that Nan, you’re a saint.

    I have no problems with him leaving the priesthood to pursue the life of a married man. But I do mind the cheating and surreptitious way he went on about things.


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