Thursday, December 17, 2009

A petition to sign.

I rarely get on board with this type of thing. I must say, "We've waited long enough" seems a bit prideful and demanding, even somewhat dissenter-ish - but I get the point.
The petition makes the request that the new English translation for the Roman Missal be implemented immediately while expressing opposition to any more delays in the process. The stalled updated translation, which accords more closely to the original Latin, and is accepted by the Vatican as well as English speaking bishop conferences elsewhere, is currently being held up in committee if you will. So it seems fair to me a couple of bishops need a kick in the ass like this to get the job done. Click here to sign the petition: We've Waited Long Enough (Afterwards, perhaps they will have the gallantry to retire early.)
Thanks to Owen and Adoro for spreading the word.


  1. Yeah, I thought the petition sounded like some of the stuff I used to sign back in my demanding dissident heyday! But, I signed it. I applaud you, as always, for saying what I was thinking! :-)

  2. Hey, how did you get that picture of me with the blue hair and pink socks?

  3. Y'all are misinterpreting it. The wording is actually in SUPPORT of what the USCCB has done and is in response to the recent petition from a priest of far left-wing ilk who is upset that the translation passed. That dissenter wants to start a "grassroots movement" to oppose the translation we've been waiting for so long.

    So this is in reaction to THAT, and really, in thanksgiving for what the USCCB has FINALLY done, and in hopes that once Rome (hopefully) approves the propers and ordinaries that have been sent over, it will be implemented "as soon as possible". Which is likely to be in 2012.

    It is a call not to delay it any longer for the ultra left that apparently agree with Bishop Trautman and the author of the other dissenting petetion that we the laity are too stupid to handle words like "consubstantial."

    I didn't author it, but I'm sorry you didn't understand that from the email I sent you.

    And quite honestly, I'm a little offended. It's supposed to be SUPPORT, and yeah, with a little "in-your-face" attitude towards the people who were holding it back for so long!

  4. To be clear....I'm offended at your reaction in general in your seeming misunderstanding.

    I'm quite certain that you know I did not author it. Kinda wish I had, though!

  5. Adoro hon - Please do not be offended - I took the language from the site I linked to, titled "We've waited long enough":

    "We believe that the Church in English-speaking nations has waited far too long for an accurate, faithful translation of the original Latin.

    We believe that the current translation currently in use in English-speaking nations is overdue to be replaced, as it was developed using the method of dynamic translation, a method rejected by the Vatican in the document Liturgiam Authenticam.

    We stand united with the English-speaking bishops' conferences in their approval of the new translation.

    We oppose any efforts to continue to delay this new translation."

    I acknowledged you because you were the 1st person to alert me to the petition.

  6. Tara - that is not you! Anyway - it is a blue chapel veil and yes - pink tube socks - so 'Flash Dance'!

  7. Thanks for the applause Cath - I do not get it very often.

  8. *applause for Terry*

    (I do not say it often, cuz I thought you knew)


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