Sunday, October 25, 2009

Speaking of Princesses...

Princess Grace of Monaco

Little known fact:  "In 1954, the 100th anniversary of the Immaculate Conception, Prince Rainier made a pilgrimage to Lourdes, to pray to Mary for a suitable wife. Several years later, Princess Grace revealed that her confirmation name was Bernadette, for the French girl to whom the Blessed Virgin appeared in Lourdes. On the 25th anniversary of the prince's pilgrimage, Princess Grace would also visit Lourdes in thanksgiving." - Zenit  (Prince Ranier and Princess Grace were married in 1956.)

"A touching exhibit opened in Rome last Friday: "The Grace Kelly Years" will be at the Palazzo Ruspoli until Feb. 26, 2010, and features photos, videos, clothes and other mementos from the extraordinary life of a beloved American actress turned European Princess." - Elizabeth Lev, Zenit
Photo:  Princess Grace receiving Holy Communion on her wedding day.


  1. You know, if I was a prince, and I lived 60 years ago, I would have so been her husband. But that's ok - I ended marrying above my station as it turned out.

    Grace was a classy woman no doubt.

  2. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Was not Grace Kelly a most promiscuous woman before she married Rainier? And did not Aristotle Onassis suggest to Rainier that he should marry a Hollywood celebrity in order to boost Monaco's popularity with the Jet Set? Onassis proposed Marilyn Monroe as a potential bride?

  3. Anonymous, I do not know about that - I do know Grace Kelly dated other men before her marriage to the Prince. If she had been promiscuous, I'm sure she made a good confession before the Holy Communion in this photograph.
    Onassis was a vulgar man, I'm sure he suggested many indecencies to many people.

  4. Anonymous3:22 AM

    I suggest you read some of the biographies of Grace Kelly.

    Agreed, Onassis was a vulgar man.

    I have always had a problem accepting that many of my Catholic aquaintances were able to indulge in profanities, immorality and other sins knowing that they could make a "good" confession before Holy Communion and be absolved, and then go out and repeat the same behaviours again, and again.


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