Monday, October 26, 2009

Read this:

"Few men—very few men, unfortunately—understand that the terrible crisis of the Church since the Second Vatican Council is a chastisement more terrible than any other, for this time the catastrophe is spiritual: what is wounded, what is noiselessly killed in the midst of an indifference worse than death, are souls. The loss of grace in a soul is the most terrible harm that can happen to it because it makes no noise, it is not felt. And the voice of the watchmen has fallen silent. The call to conversion, to penance, to the flight from sin, temptations and the world has given way, if not to indulgence, then at least to sympathy with the world. There is a real will to make peace with the modern world.  The mission of salvation has given way to a new sort of humanitarian mission; it is a matter of helping men of every condition and religion to live well together on earth." - Source
Now read this...
"She (Sr. Donna Quinn, OP) figures it's part of her religion to take these women in and protect them, and get them abortions," said Joe Scheidler of Quinn's recent activity. "Something dreadful has happened to make a Catholic nun become an escort at an abortion clinic - that's the lowest form you can reach, where you escort a woman with a living child in her into a place to have the child killed, and to ruin that woman's soul." - Nun Volunteering as Abortion Clinic Escort in Illinois 


  1. It's shameful beyond words.

    I can't help but detect an element of "defection" on her part. Here she is, a nun active within a Catholic group, selling-out the very lifes she is supposed to protect. Make her the poster child for lost vocations.

  2. Sorry. Should say "lives."

  3. Tom - I don't think she's lost her vocation as much as having thrown it away.

  4. Anonymous9:31 PM

    This is heartbreaking: "what is noiselessly killed in the midst of an indifference worse than death, are souls."

  5. Things like that started to happen when religious communities were essentially disbanded. No longer was there a common mission like running a school, orphanage, hospital, etc. Now each nun, brother or priest gets to go out and find a job, just like everybody else.

    I suppose since that Dominican community has been destroyed, it would be presumptuous that any of its members would even know who she is. They haven't seen her in years.

    So they couldn't even muster some embarrassment at her activities. She's just another modern woman making her way in the world.

    And she has to make her way because the order as whole probably doesn't have enough money to support her in her old age.

    Most of those orders weren't even smart enough to enroll their members in Social Security or Medicare so that some pension and insurance might be received.


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