Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please turn the Mass back to God...

"Lift up your hearts!"
This photo - FOR ME - illustrates who Mass facing the people is often all about. Don't you see it? It is about the Celebrant and the people - and in this case a homecoming.
Please. At least bring ad orientem back.


  1. I agree totally. It would greatly improve the Mass in the ordinary form. Then I would feel more comfortable when I attend one.It will also stop the chit-chatting among the women, and the hugs and kisses (phony to me).
    Who knows? In the upper Midwest maybe you are not into hugs and kisses...yet.
    Let's all turn to Jesus in the Tabernacle. This is what Mass is all about.

  2. I see it Terry! Besides that when the priest turns around--if you sneak in late--he doesn't even notice.


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