Friday, August 21, 2009

Monastic vigils and grand silence.


Years ago, as a novice in a contemplative monastery I got up between 2:30 AM and 3 AM and made my way to my place in choir as soon as possible - the Office of Vigils began at 3:30 AM. After the Office, I had coffee and returned to my cell for Lectio. I loved vigils and still relish early morning prayer. It is such a wonderful time for Lectio, adoration and silent prayer. Wrapped in the silence of the night, one snuggles close to God in a secret, intimate embrace. Nothing is like it, except perhaps the thanksgiving after Holy Communion. Prayer is the life of the monk or nun.
Which is why I wonder about some of the time stamps on a few of the posts and comments I notice on blogs by religious. (People outside the U.S. excepted.) I cannot help but notice that some people may actually post during the grand silence - the time normally set aside for vigils. Unless of course they post-date their entries for publication at a later time - I do that frequently - I will write a post before bedtime and time it to publish shortly after midnight. (Like this one.)
Yeah, I bet that's what they do.


  1. Woopsy! You're on to us!

  2. Beautiful reflection. Thank you for sharing.

    On a totally unrelated note: Yes, put on those Liberace records and no this is not as good as it gets...!!!!


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