Sunday, May 03, 2009

National Equality Rally in Philadelphia - tis the season.

And yet gay activists claim they are not anti-family...
"Young people ... are still subject to the beliefs and whims of their parents," Manion said. "All the stigmas are still the same." - Jennifer Manion, director of student services for the gay community at Connecticut College, speaking about eliminating homophobia "as experienced by adolescents too young to benefit from same-sex marriage or job anti-bias laws". - Source
Art: George Tooker, "Children and Spastics".


  1. Raymond Arroyo doesn't speak for us, and this lass doesn't speak for me.

    Heavens, Terry, you'll need Valium by the time this blogging mood has passed!

  2. That is good Thom - see - you are not a heretic - but I voted for you.

    I love valium - I wish I had some.


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